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Shopping on Konga.com – My Bitter Experience


Konga-LogoFirst of all i must state categorically and make it clear that this post is not to rubbish Konga.com but to tell and express my bitter experience trying to shop from Konga.

It’ll be my first shopping on Konga.com so i was happy just after placing an order for the Spark tablet which goes for N10,000 from Konga.com on the 28th of November being their black Friday Yakata sales offer. The official price for the tablet is N23,000 from their website but due to the promo, it sells for N10,000 that day so also applies to other products. I imputed my shipping address and chooses the pay on delivery option which estimate delivery duration is within 1 – 5 days.

Few hours later, i got an SMS confirmation, texting me that my order has been verified. I was so happy thinking that Nigerian stores are getting up to standard and that one can easily shop online from his/her comfort zone and get it delivered to the person doorstep.

5 days past, 7 days and 10 days, i did not see konga courier likewise no response from Konga. I decided to give a call to their customer support as their representative pleaded to me that they have huge orders on the promo day and that is what kept my order from being delivered on time but that i will get it within 24-48 hours.

Another 3 days past, i gave another call and i was calm down again by Konga agent, pleading that i should please wait for another 24 hours. After 24 hours, a call from Konga came in, i picked the call thinking their delivery personnel is already on the way to my shipping address which is my house but was sadden with the news that my order was out of stock and that they cant provide it any longer. The female representative further went to ask me if i will like the  Lenovo A3300 tablet with lesser features in exchange for the never real and never delivered Spark 16GB, 1GB tablet or get a N5,000 worth of coupon voucher. I turned down both.

Now i knew that Konga Yakata sale promo was more of a scam than offering real value of what they promised. This same tablet i saw on their website 10 days after placing my order for the official price of N23,000 now they claimed is out of stock. Was i the one who ask them to offer the promo in the first place? why did they promise what they can’t deliver. As for me i can never in my life attempt to order anything from Konga.com again.



  1. I don’t agree with you that konga.com yakata sale was a fraud. They had technical difficulties which should not have occurred. The order I placed on that day was also cancelled. But a lot of orders were delivered.
    They should have known that a lot of Nigerians are poor and rely on such promotional sales to purchase items they have been longing to own for a long time hence the massive interest in the sales. My suggestion is that in future they should perfect their system to avoid such technical flaws.
    But I honestly don’t think any fraud was intended nor perpetrated by Konga.

    • I agree with you but not totally because this same item i still saw on their website for the next 7 days after placing my order selling at the not promo price of N23,000. someone said most of the products on promo were bought by their staff who resell at official price on their website. dont know how sure that might be.

  2. I ordered for 2 of that same tablet and I got 1 cos I placed the other order quite late but 12 days the lcd screen became faulty and am yet to get a replacement but its an awesoime tablet.

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