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How to Select & Share Multiple Photos at Once on iOS 9


Are you the kind of person who thinks that the only way to share photos on iOS 9 is through one-by-one selection? Poor you! Did you know that you can select multiple photos in your Apple smartphone? iOS 9 has a feature that facilitates just that. Instead of wasting a lot of time in selecting and transferring images one-by-one, you can simply reduce the whole process to a single action.

Imagine a scenario where you are required to share 100 photos from your iOS phone with your friend. Better still, a situation where you wish to transfer 500 images from one computer to another. Imagine doing a one-by-one image selection. It might take eternity won’t you agree? The truth is that if the case is a matter of urgency, then you cannot manage if you are selecting a single image at a time.

ios-9-mainIt is for this reason that Apple came up with an easier way for iOS 9 users to select images. You will be amazed how easy the process of selecting images is with the help of the feature. The process does not take more that a minute hence rendering it very convenient for users.

Here are 3 very simple steps that you should follow when selecting multiple images in iOS 9:

#Step 1

Of course, you will have to open your photos app. In this case, you will just go to you app hub in your device. It can either be a shortcut in your home screen or better still in your main menu. Whichever location, the bottom line is that you should first open your photo App.

#Step 2

Upon opening your photo app, you will be presented with all your pictures, alongside all options that can help you perform major commands. On your right hand side corner, you will find a ‘select’ option. Tap on the option in order to commence the selection process. Tapping should be done only once. Doing so will prompt the selection action in your phone.

#Step 3

This is the step where you make the mass selection. You will have to tap again but this time on the image. Also you need to ensure that you hold onto the screen upon tapping. Drag down your finger in order to select the images that you wish. Remember that dragging should be done from one photo. You can drag your finger until you cover all the stipulated photos.

Important to note, sideway selection is also applicable. In other words, you are at liberty to select a certain range of photos.

#Step 4

Once you are done covering the photo range, you can now release and go to the next option. Important to note, once you have released the drag, you can still continue with the selection. You do not have to start from the beginning again.

NOTE: deselecting of images can be done by simply reversing your drag. You can also quite the app as a way of deselecting the images.

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