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See The Microsoft Windows 10 Retail Packaging Box


windows 10 retail packWith the official launch of Windows 10 loading pretty fast, we have seen a new leak and it is the retail packaging box art for the new operating system.

The retail packaging box looks more colourful and slimer than the Windows 8 packaging. Windows 8 retail packaging came with a strong color schemes for Home and Pro, having white and black boxes respectively, the new supposed Windows 10 packaging will primarily be white with light blue accents for Windows 10 Home and purple accents for Windows 10 Pro.

The Windows 10 packaging box will have the default desktop wallpaper for the OS named “Hero” printed on the box. According to the leak, Microsoft is giving buyers a look into its OS’s new UI, on the box itself. It will also provide USB drives copies for Windows 10 and the box art for these copies has been leaked as well via a tweet from Microsoft Insider (@MicrosoftInside).

Microsoft announced a free upgrade to Windows 10 for all users of Windows 7 & 8 with validated copies. However, not all users will get the upgrade immediately, which starts rolling out from July 29th, 2015.

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