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The Importance of Security Cameras (CCTV)


You must have seen those signs with CCTV abbreviation in public places. Some of them seem obscure and attract your attention, for you need to figure out what those combination of letters means! But the others give a hint by picturing a camera and explaining that you are watched, so don’t even think of doing anything wrong.

cctv-cameraCCTV camera is short from closed-circuit television camera – a device that can produce images or recordings for surveillance purposes. This invention is almost 50 years old. Interestingly, the idea of invention belongs to a woman – Marie Van Brittan Brown. Was it great or not so great idea? Let’s find out!

Safe And Suspicious

It is not a surprise that monitoring and recording what is going around are the main tasks of security cameras. Advantages are obvious.

  1. Crime prevention. A lot of thefts are stopped before they even start. If you install such cameras at your home or office, the effect will be immediate. What is more, when camera spots a person, you can report about it to the police department. To be suspicious is better than to be careless.
  2. Monitoring. Back to suspicious, you may install some tiny cameras inside your house if something seems strange for you. Look at who comes to visit you, what people do and how they behave. In the end, look at yourself, notice some bad habits and get rid of them.
  3. Evidence. Right, spying. Unfortunately, sometimes you will need such cameras to gather some evidence. If you know that something happens but cannot prove it, CCTV cameras will. Now forget about spying games and imagine that you need to see how the series of events unfolded.
  4. Defense. Again, disagreements. If there is a controversial situation and someone claims you parked in an inappropriate place, you can prove them wrong.
  5. Vacation video. If you leave your place for a while and want to know what was going on all this time, you can watch a special movie. Take some popcorn, make yourself comfortable and play security records. We hope there will be nothing interesting there.

security-camera-in-nigeriaSounds like a perfect way to keep an eye on everything. Literally. However, at the same time it sounds like something that is can make you very, very obsessed or paranoid. Well, everything has minor disadvantages.

  1. Privacy. Sometimes cameras can cause some controversies. Employers should take into account comfort of their workers, and everyone else should see about ethics. It is not right to put these devices in places, where they will cause constant invasion in privacy.
  2. Price. It can be a quite costly affair, and usually it is. You need to buy cameras, pay for installing, and then may appear some additional bills for maintenance. We don’t mean you must be the next Scrooge, but think twice before installing cameras. If you really need them, then don’t hesitate.
  3. Vulnerability. Technologies and good guys involved in their development are not the only ones, who get better in what they do. Thieves are, too. A trespasser can be smart or have a clever friend. If a person knows about quantity and location of cameras, he knows how to pass unnoticed. And hackers can enable system for some time.
  4. Don’t stop theft. There are criminals smart enough to ignore the fact that cameras are installed, and there are people reckless enough to do the same. In both cases, consequences are predictable. Sometimes cameras stop criminals, but most often, they just show their identities or push them to become more skilled in what they do.

cctv-camera-in-nigeriaTypes of cameras

Though these cameras are small, they are functional and versalite. There are two main kinds of these devices.

Analogue cameras make records straight to a video tape recorder, which fixes signals and turns them into pictures. The tape should run very slowly and a picture can change dramatically in a second. It is also possible to convert analogue signals and save them as recordings.

Digital cameras use digital signal, saved directly to a computer. They provide a standard video with higher compression ratio, though pixel resolution remains poor. Nevertheless, all details are easy readable. These cameras cover wider area – one can be used instead of several analogue cameras.

Network cameras, also called IP cameras, may be analogous or digital, but connected to a server with a specific IP address.

Take care of your safety

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