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SanDisk Launches Three New Storage Products


SandiskTop storage provider Sandick Coportation has launched three new storage products namely Connect Wireless Stick, iNAND 7232 storage product and CloudSpeed Eco Gen. II SATA SSD.
The Connect Wireless Stick (pictured above and announced today) is a 128GB wireless flash drive that gives you the opportunity to share, transfer and accessing of photo, videos and other files between mobile devices and computers wirelessly. It let you transfer, save and share large files with ease. It also give you the chance to stream HD videos and music to and from up to three mobile device at a time.

The drive can support a single stream for up to four and a half hours on one charge and has a USB connector. It comes in capacities of 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB with prices ranging from $29.99-$99.99.

The organisation also announced SanDisk was the iNAND 7232 storage product, an embedded flash drive available in capacities up to 128 GB. SanDisk claim that the iNAND 7232 is its fastest embedded flash storage device, with sequential write speeds of up to 150 MB/s2.

Finally, SanDisk announced its new CloudSpeed Eco Gen. II SATA SSD, a storage device built for cloud service providers which would be coming with up to 2TB capacity, the solid-state drive (SSD) is on 15nm NAND flash and has three times the streaming bandwidth of hard disk drives (HDDs).

The SSD can serve as a drop-in replacement for HDDs, theoretically giving data centers a lower cost-per-square-foot solution for hyperscale applications including analytics, media streaming and content repositories. This device is different from other SanDisk’s CloudSpeed SSDs you have been seeing has it comes with the company’s Guardian Technology Platform that promises a combination of powerful error correction and detection technology, full data path protection Relevant Products/Services, and data fail recovery.

The 2 TB version of the Eco Gen. II will be available through SanDisk original design manufacturers and some other channel partners later this year. We dont know the price yet but we would get back to you guys as soon as the price has been announced.

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