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Samsung Expands it Tizen Store to International Market


Samsung has expands the Tizen Store making it available in 182 countries around the globe now, even as the company’s only Tizen-based smartphone is the Z1, though Samsung has already released six smart watches, four of them powered by Tizen.


Earlier this year, Samsung’s co-chief executive B.K. Yoon said in an interview with Wall Street Journal that every connected television manufactured by Samsung would run Tizen. – is currently only available in India and Bangladesh as at then.

The move clearly indicates that the South Korean company has plans to bring Tizen phones to more countries around the world. And since the Tizen Store currently has little to boast in terms of big-name apps, Samsung might be hoping to attract more app developers by expanding the store’s reach.

Samsung, however, is keeping its cards close to its chest, claiming that the plan for Tizen smartphones has not changed since the launch of the Z1.

That may explain why Samsung is quietly throwing open the app store first, and inviting developers to build apps that can theoretically reach the entire planet. This will be a welcome development to Samsung fans across the globe.

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