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Samsung Runs Out Of Phones For Its Test Drive Aimed To Get iPhone Users


Samsung-Logo-800According to the information we gathered, Samsung had plans to get iPhone users to switch to a Samsung Galaxy Note5, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge or a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+. Any resident of United States of America who is 18 years or older with an iPhone hooked up to an active wireless account, could go to SamsungPromotions.com and prepare to check out one of the three smartphones for as cheap as $1. Samsung sell the smartphone with an activated SIM card together with a guid to help those testing one of the smartphone learn how to make use of the smartphone.

Samsung has obviously tempted some iPhone user because it sames it is temporatily out of test drive phones. If you are an iPhone user, Samsung says you shoule keep checking to see the new test drive phones provided.

Samsung has provided a five-day grace after the 30 days expire to return the test-drive device. If you return the smartphone and it gets to Samsung with no harm. But if you return the smartphone with broken cracked or water damage, or the camera had stop working, you will have to pay $100 to be able to get the five days grace. And if the phone had stop oning, prepare to have your credit card which must be presented when signing up for the test drive rocked to the tune of $700 for the Samsung Galaxy Note5, $775 for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and $825 for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

Since Apple has lauched the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus, Apple has gotten back iPhone users who switched to Android because of the larger screen that came with the smartphone. Apple raised the screen size on the iPhone 6 to 4.7-inches from the 4-inch display used on the Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 5c. It also added a 5.5-inch phablet sized iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung hopes the test drive will bring some iPhone users back to Android, and Samsung branded models in particular.

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