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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9 Comparison: Which is the best new phone for 2015 ?


Cell phones are today’s basic necessity. Compared to the past living without cell phones today is next to impossible. With the growing number of phones in the market. Cellular phone companies are constantly competing for supremacy. Limitless functions, captivating interface, easy to use features and alluring exteriors are some of the things manufacturers are continuously upgrading and improving on. This 2015, two (2) of the well-know manufacturing to date has released a unique android phone that will confuse people on which is better. But before we delve into which one is better, let us first compare each one side by side.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9
Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9

The Samsung Galaxy S6 with a sleek new design. Its design has definitely levelled up from the previous phone designs. S6 features a smooth glass and matte metal body and improved fingerprint reader and a new convenient and easy to use camera. Though the battery is non-removable but has more battery life in it (it also has a feature that automatically conserves battery life) and expandable storage is absent the phone in itself is capable to do most of what you expect it to do. Like most Samsung phones, the Galaxy S6 gets a metal band around it but this time it is actually metal instead of plastic. S6’s has a reflective backing and battery life is good. Mostly, Samsung’s new phone has been widely and positively received with a few comments that are needed for further improvements in the future.

Meanwhile HTC One M9 is considered one of the new kids on the block compared to Samsung. Not to be outdone by its competitors, HTC has more to offer than you thought. HTC One M9 boast of being a phone built on precision. Just like the latter, the design is equally unique in its own way. It has a speedy processor and a good camera, add to that the speakers of the phone are good. It comes with a 32 GB internal storage. HTC One M9 offers a variety of colors such Gunmetal gray, Amber gold, Silver/Rose Gold or Gold/Pink. Though speculations were stated that the rear camera is not as good as expected and some faults are founded in its software.

Whichever phone you may find better is your choice. It’s just a matter of personal preference. Though both are android phones which are mobile operating systems made by an American company, Google. It offers users access to Google’s own services like Search, Youtube, Maps and the like. Both Samsung and HTC are considered to be one of the Top 10 best android phones manufacturer.

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