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Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini Could Debuts In August


It seems Samsung will release series of smartphones from their flagship lineups next month. One of the device which is sure to be released is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which is expected to debut on the 13th of August. flagship will be joined later on (no specific date was given) by the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, a bigger iteration of the curved-display Galaxy S6 edge.


Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini would be out soon. Needless to say, it’s a reincarnation of the Galaxy S6 in a smaller body. The former is said to be packing a “4.6-inch or 4.7-inch” display with a measly HD (720p) of resolution. Yes, measly. The Samsung Galaxy S6 had a Quad HD (1440p) resolution, so isn’t the “mini” supposed to have something like a Full HD (1080p) display? Well, let’s stop here. It is not official yet si we can’t be sure of the specs the smartphone would sports. See more photos of the smartphone below



We are not sure of the release date yet but the smartphone should be released as early as next month as pictures of the phone has leaked already.

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