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Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge Full Review


After numerous months of speculation and leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge are finally here. This pair of S6 phones from Samsung succeeds the S5. According to some news that’s available, Samsung Edge will be priced higher than the S6. But leaving that, these phones have a lot more to offer to its eager fans.

samsung_galaxy_S6Finally a phone that looks worthy of the price tag

Samsung has finally split its two flagship devices into two models. But interestingly, these two have quite a similar look. Coming to galaxy S6, it features a metal frame with flat display, as well as glass back and front panels. The Samsung Edge has all these features, but has slightly curved sides of the back and front glass. Now, this is what gives the Edge an edge over the S6. Without any doubt, the Edge is a better looking device than the S6.

Metal is in for Samsung

Both Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge comes with metal body, thereby bidding adieu to the old plastic ones. In fact, the cheesy plastics that dominated Samsung devices for so long are not to be found in these devices. The S6 will be available in the market in colors such as black, white, and blue and gold. Samsung Edge on the other hand will feature colors such as gold, green, black and white. The front and back glass panels are made up of the Gorilla 4 glass, while the metal looks superior to the plastics, without doubt.

Galaxy-S6-EdgePacked with the latest technology

Good news for the Samsung S6 fans is the device is packed with the latest technology. It includes the Exynos processor, 5.1 inch AMOLED QHD display, RAM of 3GB, internal storage of 128, 32 or 64GB. Well, there’s more, it even features a 16 megapixel camera with image stabilization feature, finger print sensor and more.

Removable batteries, MicroSD slots were shown the door

Even though Samsung upgraded its latest devices in terms of looks and features, it did away with the microSD card slot and removable batteries. These features are no longer to be found in Edge and S6. In fact, it even trimmed back the software feature claiming there are least 40 percent less features in S6 than S5. However, these devices work on Android Lollipop 5.0.

Similarities between S6 and Edge

Even though both of these are great devices, looking at the features and overall looks, you might get attracted to Edge. The curved sides of the edge will attract you since it is easy to swipe the device. In fact, the curves are definitely not dramatic and quite symmetrical. Samsung also made these two devices almost 2mm narrower from their other flagship models. Both these devices easily fits into your grip and using these are really fast and easy. However, the biggest feature is the Samsung Pay. This allows you to shop from anywhere that has a standard card swipe r. this feature works both for Visa and MasterCard.

On an ending note, Samsung Edge and Samsung Galaxy S6 are both great devices with awesome performances and a phone that users will be proud of having. Guess that’s enough to pull back Samsung to the top rank, again.

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