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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Is Around the Corner; Check it Specs, Features and Release Date


Guess what…the mighty Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is ready to land in the market. The truth is that most people can’t wait for the grand release of this beast. If you have used the galaxy Note 4, then you can speculate how note 5 is going to be. It is simply incredible. Reports have been released confirming that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be released on the 12th August 2015. The company has also confirmed that the device will be available in the market by the 21st August 2015. You should be the first person in your locality to get yourself a release like no other.

samsung_galaxy_note_5One thing for sure is that you should expect much more sophistication in Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Some of the features you are bound to come across in this device are not to be found in any other. In short, this is the long awaited advent that you should try.

So, what are some of the features that you should expect?

Amazing Display

One of the things that will captivate your mind is the large screen that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has. For your information, this great release comes with a 5.7 display screen. The resolution of the same screen is 2560×1440. This is simply incredible. You can be assured of both large and clear graphics.

The sensitivity of the screen is top-notch. By this I mean that you will not have to strain when operating your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


For photo-mania phone users, there is every reason why you should try Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Why? The camera quality is simply impeccable. You will like the fact that this smartphone comes with a 16-megapixel camera. With such a camera, you can be assured of capturing moments in the best way. Crystal clear snapshots is a full assurance from Samsung Galaxy Note 5


The processing speed of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is very efficient and reliable. It is rumored that the smartphone has a number of processors, all meant to ensure that the device responds really fast to operation. To be precise, 16-Bit, Octa-Core Exynons 7422 is the kind is processor that you should expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Any person can admit that this is indeed a feature to die for. Operation with Samsung devices has never been this better.


It is quite obvious that battery power and capacity is something that has to be considered when buying a smartphone. Well, you will get even more interested with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 simply because of its battery power and capacity. If short battery life has always been your challenge, then this will no longer be the case, thanks to Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We are talking about a 1,100mAh battery. This is the kind of battery that can run you for hours without running dry.

Android M

It is believed that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be using the latest Android version. Android M is yet to make its way into the market, but Samsung is rumored to make use of it in their latest release.

Released Date

Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy Note 5 be launch and available in the market from 21st August 2015.

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