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How To Run Android Apps on Windows Virtual Machine with AmiDuos


You might be wondering how possible it is to run your android applications on windows PC, right? It might sound illogical to run apps from an Operating System that varies from the other. Needless to say, Windows is totally different from Android in terms of functionality and many more things. While it may sound impossible, everything is doable with the help of a virtual machine. You will have to come up with a virtual machine in order to run your android apps in your Windows device.

andriod appIn most cases, windows users will require AmiDuous in order to facilitate the running of android apps. It is important to note that AmiDuos is an android emulator whose role is to facilitate running of android apps in windows OS. With this emulator, you are privileged to use literally any android application on your windows device without any flaws.

One good thing about this emulator is that you will be able to influence cameras, microphone and even gyroscope. Not to mention, users are privileged to enjoy mouse and keyboard support. In other words, you will not even notice that you are using android apps on your windows PC.

To ensure that AmiDuos is installed successfully, here are steps to follow:

Step 1

The first thing that you should do is downloading the AmiDuos setup from the Internet. At this juncture, you need to ensure that the setup you get is indeed the best. It is advisable to source genuine software from genuine sites and not from anywhere.

Step 2

Now that you have managed to download the AmiDuos setup, it is now time to run the software. Look for the downloaded files in your PC and trace AmiDuos. Double-click on the setup icon to launch the installation process. It is greatly advised that you should keep your Internet connected during the installation process. This is the only way the whole process will be successful. Make sure that the installation process is not interrupted in any way.

Step 3

Once the application has been installed successfully, you will be notified that there is a new application that has been added to your computer. It is recommended that you reboot your computer before you open the newly installed program. This is to ensure that there are no hitches of operation in your computer. However, you can still open the application without rebooting your computer since the impact is not so serious.

Step 4

Open the application and activate your trial version of the software. After the activation, you are now ready to run your android application in your Windows PC. You will have 30 days to try the AmiDuos software after which the set payments will apply.


With AmiDuos, you can use literally any android application in your windows PC. The emulator ensures that the two operating systems are compatible with the apps hence facilitating flawless operation. However, make sure that the installation is done successfully in order to run all applications without any hitches.

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