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Reliable Android apps that can Extends your smartphone’s battery life


review-htc-made-the-best-android-phone--againDo you wishing your Android’s battery would last longer? Well, you don’t need to answer that, I already know your answer.

As a platform, Android keeps getting more efficient and batteries keep getting larger. Still, there never seems to be enough juice.

Now, battery-saving apps like “extreme power mode” in the HTC One M9 and “ultra power saving” in the Samsung Galaxy S6 help your battery last longer, though at the expense of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS so it’s won’t be that convenient for relying on every day.

I spend loads of time checking out battery-saving apps and have become quite fond of a few in particular. Below is a list of five of my favorite apps and arguably the best five for extending your battery’s life. Note that there are common settings that overlap across the apps, but in this piece, I’ve tried to highlight some of the features that help separate each app from the pack.


This app was created for rooted Android devices, Greenify helps prolong your battery’s life by automating the hibernation process, which keeps your apps from launching new background processes and sipping at that precious battery. Note that this is different from a task killer and the full functionality of apps is still present. In other words, Greenify stops misbehaving and otherwise thirsty apps from working outright disabling or force closing them.

With Greenify, users can handpick which apps aren’t always that important and have the phone put them to sleep. You won’t want to hibernate apps such as alarm clocks or messaging clients if you plan to use them every day.

While the standard, free version will work fine for most users, there is even more customization and optimization in the donate edition. For a few dollars ($3 USD, £1.94, AU$4.21) you can also auto-hibernate system apps. Doing so requires some advanced understanding of how Android works so proceed with caution.

Juice Defender

Juice Defender comes with endless options. The free client lets you manage common connections, like mobile data as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Multiple preset modes, like “aggressive” and “balanced,” gives you the opportunity to toggle and schedule, synchronize your background, and choosing which apps can keep your screen on.

Aside from the free app, Juice Defender also comes in Plus ($1.99) and Ultimate ($4.99) versions. Depending on what you really want, one might be better suited for your needs. The Plus version adds “extreme” and “customized” profiles as well as location-aware Wi-Fi, not to mention scheduling for night hours. The Ultimate app also boasts peak hours and weekend settings, autosync, and deeper GPS controls.

I recommend you to start with the free client ut have no qualms about endorsing the paid apps.

Battery Aid – Saver & Manager

Battery Aid is designed to work alongside your current smartphone settings, this free app tosses in a few additional options to help your battery last extra hours. The app will automatically turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Data connections when you are not making use of it, for a set amount of time. It also lets users toggle the sync setting as well.

The free version of the app provides shortcuts to phone options such as display brightness screen timeout, and car dock settings. You can find these in your handset’s normal places but Battery Saver makes everything easier for you so that you won’t keep pressing for minutes before you get there.

There are a couple of other features which can be unlocked but you would have to get the paid version of the app. Moreover, the developers have a Google+ and beta community it uses to test new features, too. If you’re the type who likes to get a sneak preview of upcoming options, be sure to sign up.


Tasker is one app that provides more than just battery extension and task-killing. In fact, I would recommend this one to anyone who wants to help automate the Android experience.

Talking about battery life, I prefer Tasker; it allows me to set times for sleeping and disabling of connections. While I generally tend to plug my phone in overnight, Tasker has proven handy in cases where I do not. Besides time of day, other triggers include day and location; both are useful for people with set work schedules.

I also love how Tasker gives me the opportunity to set my phone to handle media, texting, phone calls, and other Android functions. It might take a while to fully grasp the capabilities, but you can get all these for just $2.99.

People with a Google Chromecast dongle may enjoy some of the extensions and apps that tie into Tasker. One recently making headlines in the Android space, AutoCast, brings about numerous configurations and settings for Google’s HDMI dongle.

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Go Battery Saver and Power Widget was designed by the Go Dev Team, the app is very gorgeous as it is flexible. A simple tap of the screen lets you toggle preset modes, making it easy to go from reading and relaxing to online gaming. For people who dislike the standard modes, there are two other slots available for creating custom experiences.

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget keeps an eye on your apps to determine which are eating up battery more than others. By assigning a score to your battery, the app would let you disable some app and some won’t disable to extend its life. Tapping the optimize button, in essence, cleans up unnecessary, resource-sucking processes and tacks on some extra expected life. Doing this alone can provide an extra hour or more.

While the free app is stocked with options and settings, the premium pack brings about another dozen features. Available through in-app purchase for $4.99, this upgraded app get rid of ads and tosses in scheduled settings, more control over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and CPU, and a third “extreme” mode.

The app gives you quick access to a number of settings with two home screen widgets. If you go with the premium option, there are three additional widgets to choose from. A number of skins or themes are available for Go Dev’s own widgets, and you can also adjust how items appear in the notification bar.

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