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2 Ways to Recover Files from Crashed and Unbootable Hard Disk Drive


Computer data in our daily work of life is very important as information worth trillions of US dollars and even more can be saved on a piece of word, spreadsheet or any application package stored in a retrieval device like flash drive, hard disk or online storage system.

Hard Drive Dock coonected to LaptopHaving multiple backups of files and data is more secure than just a single backup or no backup at all because even the so relenting backup is prone to theft or damage leading to data lost. Frequent interruption of power supply / not shutting down computer properly can lead to crashing of the hard disk, damaging it platters and thereby preventing it to boot up in most cases.

In this tutorial, i will share with you two ways you can get back your files from a damaged hard disk drive as long as the hard disk is detectable and recognized by the computer device itself.

Let’s Get Started:

First Method: Connect crashed hard disk as external device.

Slave damaged hard disk drive and connect it as an external device using the external connector. Both the laptop and desktop hard disk drive has it own external connector which should be use to attached damaged disk to the computer, as long as the hard disk is still recognized and detectable by the computer.

Get the necessary drive connector as for an I.D.E or S.A.T.A drive either a desktop or laptop hard drive.
Attach the connector to the crashed drive, in a case of desktop hard drive set the jumper connector to slave mode.
hard-drive-interfaceConnect the other end of the connector to a working system with updated anti-virus program.
Start and run the operating system of the working system and allow it to fully boot up and detect the external connected drive.
Navigate to the crashed drive from the “my computer” interface, you can scan for virus first or skip the process if you have a good and updated anti-virus program installed.
Open and navigate to the destination folder you have your files on the crashed drive, copy and move your files to a folder or path on the working system drive.
Shut down the system and disconnect the drive device from the system.
You now have your files back in the working system.

Second Method: Use Recovery Software

Use a recovery software tool, beware of using the free downloaded software as some of them contain malicious files to harm and hack your computer later, i recommends using any of Kroll Ontrack Easy Recovery or Easeus Recovery Software

Download and Run the recovery software, launch it, navigate to page of raw or crashed recovery, follow the simple steps to recover and copy back your files.

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