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How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Disk Drive


Last time i shared with you How to Recover Files from Crashed Hard Disk Drive, which i talked about two ways you can use, in this article i will describe how you can get back your data from a formatted hard disk drive.

The procedure used is pretty similar to the second method i showed you on recovering your files from crashed hard disk drive, except for a mere mere approach.

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We will be making use of Easy recovery in this scenario to extract and get back our files and data from formatted hard disk drive.

capture7NB: due to how files are stored on the hard disk,  certain files may not be recovered but we have a high chance of recovering over 90 percent of the data previously stored before it was formatted.

Go to KrollOntrack.com or easyrecovery-professional.en.softonic.com to download the free version software.

Setup and Installed (dont launch yet if you haven’t connected your formatted disk you want to recover.)

After connecting the formatted drive, check to confirm it was detected and recognizable by your computer.

Now launched the installed Easy Recovery Pro

easy-recoveryNavigate to the “recover from formatted disk” option.

Choose your formatted disk and click next, specified saving folder, the path to recover files and data to.

Your waiting time depends on the size of files been recover, You are done.


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