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How to Auto Play Videos in HD Mode on Facebook


You might be wondering on how you can auto-play HD videos on Facebook, right? One thing for sure is that HD videos on Facebook are more attractive as compared to regular ones. The experience gets even better when the said videos play automatically in your Facebook timeline. The problem is that not many people know the process to be followed in order to auto-play HD videos on Facebook. This should not worry you.

play_hd_video_facebookThe steps are very simple and precise. In fact, the process takes just a few minutes. All you need is to understand all operations as displayed on the Facebook page. If that is achieved, then you will have a very smooth process of activating HD video auto-play.

Here are simple steps to follow:

#Step 1 

It goes without saying that you will have to sign into your Facebook account in order to access the respective settings. Use your username and password to get access to your Facebook timeline.

#Step 2

The second thing to do is accessing the settings. On your right hand-side corner, you will find an arrow facing downwards (right next to the lock icon). Click on that arrow in order to generate a drop-down menu. A list of options will be contained in the menu. However, out of the options, you should only opt for ‘settings’. This is where you will have all sub-settings, particularly for videos.

#Step 3

Click on ‘settings’. At the bottom left corner, you will find an option labeled ‘videos’. This is the exact location of all the settings you would require with regard to videos. However, it is important to note that there are no many video options.  In most cases, video setting is majorly on default. However, you this is not the setting that you need in order to allow for Auto-Play for HD videos.

#Step 4

At this juncture, you should select the kind of videos you would want to play on Facebook. You will find an option labeled ‘HD if Available’. Activating this option means that you have enabled only HD video mode for your Facebook account.

Note 1: It is important to note that as soon as you have activated the HD video mode, all videos that will appear in your timeline will be of the respective caliber. The good thing about HD videos is that they are clearer as compared to regular ones. They are considered ideal, especially for long clips.

Note 2: Today, you do not have to activate the Auto-Play function in your Facebook timeline. This is because Facebook has already introduced that feature for any user. You might have realized that videos in your timeline play once you reach on them. This means that you do not require activating the option. However, the new Facebook feature has its own limitation. You will only view the video after an auto-play but not the voice. This means that you will have to click on the video to activate the voice anyway.

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