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PHP Tutorial: Learning the Basic from Scratch


After almost a decade exposure and hands-on experience with HTML and CSS, i have decided to upgrade my programming skill a little, learning PHP from the scratch. Even though i have been using content management system (CMS) like WordPress and OpenCart to design and develop websites for my clients, tweaking and ability to write some coding to effect creative and perfect look makes one’s jobs professional. I will keep updating this topic or create a category for PHP to group all post related to the topic under it.

PHPSo What the heck is PHP ? PHP is an acronym that stands for  PHP, Hypertext, Preprocessor. It’s a server-side scripting language for basic and advanced website programming and development. PHP is like an advancement of HTML as one can build a dynamic website using PHP.

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Sometimes you often hear some programmers or developers discrediting PHP from being programming language, rather they classified it as a scripting language. Well to my view, even though PHP is generally regarded as a scripting language, it’s also the basic and most common programming for the web. Unlike JavaScript, HTML, CSS and others that are mere scripting language as they can and mostly runs their instructions via the web browser, PHP requires a PHP either installed on your hosting remotely or running a local server  like WAMP, XAMP, LAMP or MAMP to installed it . So weather classifying PHP as a scripting or programming language, it’s all right.

Some Basic Functions and Attributes of PHP

  1. It’s an open source
  2. PHP is designed with HTML
  3. Web Browser alone can’t interpret PHP
  4. Flexibility even than HTML
  5. It’s platform independent (Runs on Windows, Mac, Linus etc.)

Advantages of implementing PHP

  • It’s Open source: Meaning it’s free and users can easily manipulate it code and tweak it to one’s liking (Can be download from PHP offcial website www.php.net )
  • PHP is the basic programming for web development even CMS like WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart runs on PHP engine
  • PHP has built-in functions which other language like  like Perl lacks
  • PHP is similar to C, C++ language, making one easily adapts in case one need to learn it in future.

Basic Prerequisites for Running PHP

  1. Web Server       (Apache)
  2. Database           (My SQL)
  3. Code Editor      (Note ++, Aptana etc)
  4. Web Browser   (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome etc)
  5. PHP Software  (Any version but recommended is latest version)

Conclusion: PHP is the preferred source code platform that most websites runs and being develop. Don’t get it twisted as even content management system like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, Magento etc all runs on PHP. So learning basic skills in PHP is a must to advanced website developer. In the next tutorial, i will discuss and shared some PHP syntax and it functions. Feel free to drop your views and comment below, do have a greet week ahead.

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