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7 Cool Features and Tricks You Didn’t know About Your iPhone 6


Chances are you’ve never opened your user manual since you bought your iPhone 6. Yet you’re pretty much convinced you know everything about your phone. If so, you’ll be surprised to learn about a number of hidden features that have been lying idly in your iPhone, waiting for you to read your manual to at least know they do exist.

iphone_6_iphone_6_plus1iPhones are simple, yes. But they have a number of small, convenient features that are hidden within the confines of your phone. You may have come across some of these tricks and features, but you’ll certainly find one or two features you probably knew nothing about. To find out about these tricks and feature, read on as we slowly take you through the list.

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Vibration alerts

This is one of the most underused features in iPhone 6. You see, many of us assign a different ringtone to each and every individual in our contact list, but how many of you know there’s a vibration version of it in your iPhone 6?

Let say you’re in meeting and you don’t want to keep on checking your phone every time it vibrates to see who is calling or texting. The trick is simple, just go to your setting ~> sound~> ringtone ~> vibration ~> Create new Vibration ~ > then save. That way you can assign a unique vibration to all your contacts so that you can easily identify whoever is calling/texting based on the vibration you’re receiving.

Connect your iPhone 6 to your HDTV

You can easily view anything on your iPhone 6 screen through a larger HDTV screen. Just buy an Apple TV, and then connect it with your IPhone. That way you’ll be able to mirror anything displayed on your phone’s 4.7inch screen to a larger screen.

After connecting the two, just go to “control center” then “Airplane” and lastly click on “Apple TV.” Ta-da! Anything on your phone’s screen will be mirrored on your HDTV.

Answer your iPhone 6 calls on your iPad or Mac

The iPhone 6 allows you to connect your calls with your iPad or Mac. If you’re tired of holding your phone, particularly for those having long conversations over their phones, they can still answer them on their Mac or iPad. This can be very handy if you have a pair of headphones/earphones plugged into your Mac PC or iPad.

Pump up your battery life

If you’ve been complaining about the battery life in your iPhone 6 and you’re just there, sitting and doing nothing about it, then there’s something about your phone you probably don’t know. You see, your iPhone battery should at least last you a full day under a heavy usage if fully charged. If not, then something is draining your power.

Fortunately iPhone 6 allows you to check if there’s any App in your phone that’s seeping all the juices in your phone. To use it, just go to “setting” ~> “General” ~> “Usage” ~> “Battery Usage” and you’ll be able to see the culprit. You can choose to stop using it or even uninstall the App to see the effect it creates on your phone’s battery life.

Read your iPhone 6 Texts on Your Mac

With IPhone 6 you can read your texts from a Mac running on OS X Yosemite. To do this, just go to the message settings on your Mac then follow the instructions shown to link your iPhone’s texts with your PC. That way, the texts you receive on your phone will be shown on both your PC and phone, of which you can respond from either side.

Another use for Touch ID

A great majority iPhone 6 owners know Touch ID for two uses; one) unlocking their iPhones; and two) making purchases on iTunes. But there’s more to this simple feature than the two aforementioned functions. If you can install 1 password or LastPass into your iPhone, you can use the safari extensions to log into the websites you browse using 1 Password or LastPass.

In doing so, you’ll have one, simple secure password that lets you access any website you wish without going through the hassle of memorizing and typing long passwords.

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