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PC Buying Tips: Main features to watch out for before placing order


lenovo-c540-PCWhether purchasing for a personal use or for a client, certain features has to be watch out for as basic characteristics a computer system must possess. The main purpose of the system should determine extra features.

For instance, a computer system meant for basic learning and surfing the internet can just be a simple computer with processor speed of 1GHz or little lower, memory size of 512MB with a hard disk drive of 10GB, wired and wireless network adapter, USB port is most likely OK for an average person but for a graphics artist who make use of high resolution and multimedia programs, definitely he needs a higher optimized system, let’s say minimum processor speed of 2GHzz, RAM of 2GB and above and a large hard disk of about 250GB or above to store and install different multimedia program, fast network/ethernet adapter, fast and multiple USB port, expansion slot in case of desktop, DVD writer.
With these basic tips, the need for consulting a computer expert is eliminated knowing well that you can get your desired computer system serving your purpose at the best possible price.

Used-ComputerWhile buying a brand new or used/cloned PC especially when it came to desktop may  not has much significant difference in terms of performance as the configurations itself is the subject matter of the computer system. Devices making up and running the computer like, processor speed and power, memory size, hard disk drive, motherboard architecture, etc matters most.

As a system / network engineer, i do advises my clients to always go for a branded new PC as that will surely serves them well for a while before any issue is likely to arise, also you tend to get a warranty with every new PC purchased. In addition, most branded PC manufactuer do have service centres in or around your country or region.

In a case of running a cyber cafe or business centre, cloned systems to do such business will be OK, also getting any of the field replaceable unit like power pack, hard drive, CD/DVD drives e.t.c are ready available and common in the market in most times
Also getting a good configuration system may sometimes depend on your pocket budget but i will advice you to go for the best possible PC that will serve your purpose.

Do you need more advanced consultation on choosing the best PC that suites your needs? Holla at me via the comment box and i will reply you.

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