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PayPal Restrictions: The Way Forward for Nigerians!


It’s no longer news that Paypal now operates or allows Nigerian citizens to open a partial account and transact via their platform, Paypal.com (Make/send payments only).

It’s also not news that PayPal.com remains the largest and most trusted online payment solution available in over 190 countries worldwide.

paypal-restriction-for-nigeriaThe issue of Paypal.com not allowing Nigerians to own a full blown account that can allow for receiving of  payment / funds can’t authoritatively be debated or questionable but in term “tampering mercy with justice” has a meaning and role to play here in comparison. Nigeria no doubt is Africa’s largest largest both in the offline and online world.

With it current population estimated at 173 million and the high potential spirit of it citizens, Nigeria remains a home to even the worst and counterfeits Chinese gadgets / electronics. (Don’t get me wrong, Chinese makes superior products but we go for the fake ones).

With 60 percent of Nigerian youth between the age bracket of 18-35 having a smartphone and internet access, the average Nigerian internet marketer / freelancer prefer and like to be paid and collect his earnings via Paypal so also synonymous with other countries citizens as the ability of them been able to link their real bank account for easy and smooth transfer of Paypal balance to bank / credit card for fast withdrawal / spending gives the California based U.S company an edge over it rivals.

Enough of the fables and stories, what is the way forward for the Nigerian e-worker / freelancer who has been denied numerous opportunities of gaining access to many online programs that pays online via paypal? Many of such Nigerians fake their details to pretend they from U.S by getting USA dedicated IPs, phone numbers and so to open a USA or other country’s Paypal account in order to collect and cash out their money. Also sooner or later Paypal via tends to get such account operated from users not residing in the said country the account was opened and a limit placed on it asking for some government issue verification documents that one cant easily get excepts such person truly lives in the said country.

With such scenario, does it now means Nigerians should stay off programs that pays via PayPal alone? No No No. Its a capital NO for me, i still does and will continue doing and collecting fund via Paypal.

How, Where And When ?

Ignorance they said is a decease but to me it’s worse than deadliest Ebola. This is where IJAM Solution Consult came into been. Who and What is IJAM Solution Consult? They’re trusted and reliable e-currencies ex-changer and consultants. Founded by Segun Adesida (Presegs). For over one year now, IJAM consult has been receiving my Paypal fund for me and instantly crediting my Nigerian bank account without any issue. They are registered with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and has accounts with almost all the Nigerian banks, that alone is enough confidence that one is dealing with a reputable company.  They accepts payment on my behalf from Fiverr, Freelancer, RevenueHits and from some direct individuals. Ijam Solution also renders Pay4me, shop4me and other related services

I don’t know how they did it but insider source revealed IJAM Solution consult is partnered and affiliated with some top Paypal staff who already knew they do legal business and allow them so many opportunities without restrictions. They also rendered 100 percent verified Paypal account that can accepts payment, they help in lifting Paypal limit / ban, all these they can achieve and more due to the partnership deal between them and Paypal. Need more info about IJAM solution consult? Visit them via their website at www.ijamsolution.com

In conclusion: As for me and my online freelancing business, i have chooses to use Ijam Solution as my payment collector so long Nigerian paypal can’t still receive funds.

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