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The Oukitel U2 4G LTE 64bit Quad Core 5.0 Inch Android 5.1 Smartphone


The world of smartphones keeps taking major developments by the day and Oukitel is in the lead. There is every reason why you should consider getting yourself an Oukitel U2 Smartphone. It is the kind that any person craves for since all the main features are well represented. The smartphone is made with regard to modern technology to ensure that you enjoy every bit of its use.

oukitel_u2_smartphoneThe truth is that some of the features that you will enjoy in Oukitel US Smartphone are not present in the so-called leaders in the smartphone world. The smartphone represents a whole new revolution in the tech world. Be sure you get yourself this smartphone since there is absolutely nothing to regret.

The prime features that you will definitely like in Oukitel U2 smartphone include:

Prolonged Battery Life

A smartphone that has no capacity to serve you for the longest time possible is not worth your consideration. It is with the help of the best battery that you will be able to use your smartphone for a long time without any worry. Oukitel U2 Smartphone has all the best battery specifications. To be precise, the smartphone comes with a 2050mAh battery. It has the capacity to serve for over 8 hours of constant use without draining.


It is the happiness of any smartphone user to experience the latest operating systems in the market. Oukitel is not left behind in this. It will interest you to know that the smartphone operates under the Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. This is the latest in the android world and one that comes fully packed with outstanding features. It is very easy to maneuver through your phone since the operating system is very friendly.

Large Screen

Another very unique thing about Oukitel U2 smartphone is the large screen it features. Any person can admit that it is very easy to operate a smartphone whose screen is considerably large. Oukitel U2 comes with a 5.0-inch screen. It is large enough to facilitate large graphics. It is absolutely fun to operate a smartphone with such a large screen.

4G Network Reception

What can be better than enjoying 4G network connection in a smartphone? Oukitel U2 smartphone is the type that you require. It is designed to facilitate fast surfing with the help of this unique antenna technology. Surfing and making regular calls has never been this easy, thanks to Oukitel U2 Smartphone.

Very Unique Processor

It might interest you to know that Oukitel U2 smartphone comes with the most sophisticated and powerful processor you can ever find. With 64-bit Cortex A53 Quad Core, you are assured of nothing short of efficiency in the performance of the smartphone. Its speed in response to commands is very reliable. You will certainly enjoy unique fun when operating this great smartphone.

Double-Sided Glass Design

oukitel_u2_smartphone_backThe appearance of Oukitel U2 smartphone is very unique and appealing. It is enhanced by the double-sided glass design. The front and the rear parts are designed as such in order to make its texture and appearance best.

Price And Availability

The Oukitel U2 smartphone is available at a massive discounted price of just $99.99 from Pandawill.com. This is an introductory price which will definitely goes up after fully launch. Avail yourself the opportunity now.

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