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The OUKITEL A28 Smartwatch compartible with iOS and Android


Getting yourself a smart watch is something that you should be prioritizing now. After all, the Tech World has already made it possible to have a Smart Watch. Oukitel A28 Smart Watch is the latest in the market and you should definitely try it out. It comes with everything that you would require in any smart watch. In fact, it is way better than others out there.

The unique thing about this smart watch is the features that it has. It is designed to provide you utmost convenience. The most amazing thing about the watch is that it takes responsibility of your health. In this regard, you can be assured of body fitness since you have the ultimate guard in Oukie A28l Smart Watch.

OUKITEL A28 SmartwatchWithout further ado, let us have a closer look on the major features that Oukitel A28 Smartwatch comes with:

Heart Rate Monitor

We all know that heart health is very essential. This is one of the main reasons why you should get yourself Oukitel A28 Smart Watch. With it, you will be able to keep a close watch on your heart health especially when embarking on daily exercises. In other words, the Smart Watch will enable you opt for reasonable workouts based on how sensitive your heart is. All monitoring results are very accurate and guided by the latest technology.

Dial, Message and Contacts Sync Feature

With Oukitel A28 Smart Watch, you do not necessarily have to dial, text or search for contacts directly from your phone. You can simply synchronize it with the phone. This means that you can text, dial, or even search for contacts from your phone and not the phone. All information in this regard will be provided right in your Oukitel A28 Smart Watch.

Leather Wristband

One thing that you can be assured of is total comfort when wearing Oukitel A28 Smart Watch. Why? The watch comes with an authentic leather wristband to ensure that you are very comfortable in it. Aside from comfort, the band is very durable, considering that it is made of authentic leather. No future replacement of wristband will be required.

Remote Camera and Music

Another amazing thing about Oukitel A28 is that it allows for remote photo capturing and music control. This means that you can enjoy the experience offered by your Smartphone right in your smart watch. A simple synchronization will remotely control your camera and music app. Convenience is totally upheld in this case.

Highly Sensitive Screen

Operation of your Oukitel A28 Smart Watch is made remarkably easy by the highly sensitive screen that it has. A very gentle touch is the only thing you need to do. The Smart Wacth responds promptly to any command, thanks to the HD IPS Non-Air-Gap screen that it features.


You should be in the rush to procure your own Oukitel A28 Smart Watch. The best part is that you can get this watch at a discounted price. All you need is using Coupon Code A28 and get a $7 discount. You must not hesitate to go the Smart Way.

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