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Nokia Lumia Tricks That You Should Know


Nokia Lumia still remains as a big thing in the market. Despite the introduction of other Nokia models, Lumia has its own outstanding features. The interesting thing is that there are so many things that you can do with your Nokia Lumia. Some of the functions and features are quite hidden and it may prove hard for some users to find them. In order to enjoy utmost fun with your Nokia Lumia, then you might have to identify some of the hidden features that the gadget has.

nokia-lumia-tricksThe good thing is that different models of Nokia Lumia have features that almost tally. In this regard, this tutorial goes to all owners of Nokia Lumia irrespective of the sub-model. Here are important tricks that you should know about this amazing gadget:

Silencing Calls Without Rejecting

It is pretty obvious that you would not want to receive a call a special gathering or any other sensitive place. At this juncture, rejecting an incoming call may be seen as the only option. However, this is not the case with Nokia Lumia. This phone has a feature that can enable you to silence calls without rejecting. It is as simple as pressing the volume button by the side of your phone when there is an incoming call. This mutes the volume of your phone instantly.

Retrieving A Scientific Calculator

Did you know that most people do not understand that Nokia Lumia has a scientific calculator? Others may know that such a calculator exists in the phone, but they cannot trace it. In order to get a scientific calculator in your Nokia Lumia, all you need is to open the calculator app and the rotate the screen to a landscape mode. Doing so will switch your calculator to the scientific mode.

Turning Off Auto-Corrections

Most people can confirm that they have, at one point or the other, sent funny messages to friends. This is courtesy of the auto-correction feature that Nokia Lumia smartphones have. To avoid such messes, you can simply deactivate the auto-correction features.

In your Nokia Lumia smartphone, you will have to go to the settings. Tap on ‘Keyboard’ in order to display ‘typing settings’. Once there, you should tap on ‘Press To Change’ option usually located at the top of your screen. It is here that you will find a ticked ‘Correct Misspelt words’ option. Tap on it to remove the tick, and that’s it.

Capturing A Snap Without Unlocking The Device

Yes! It is very possible to take photos with your Nokia Lumia without unlocking it. This is an ideal feature especially for those who want to take emergency photographs yet with very complicated passwords to their phones.

It is very simple to take a photo in such situations. All you need is to press on the Camera Key by the side of the phone. This should prompt the camera to open even if the screen is locked. However, in order to view the photos taken, you will have to unlock your phone and go to the gallery.

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