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NO.1 S3 Smartwatch Phone


A man is properly identified with a wristwatch. What do I mean? It is pretty simple- you need to get yourself a wristwatct. How about going smart with S3 Smartwatch Phone? Sounds great, right? Well, you will appear even more appealing and presentable with this kind of watch. It comes with all the features that any man would want in a smartwatch. The best part is that this watch comes with the smart technology. It goes without saying that technology is heading towards that direction.

S3 Smartwatch PhoneSo, what does this watch entail?


You will certainly admit that it feels great to just dial and make a call right from your smartwatch. This is the exact experience that you should expect from this watch. It features a high quality dialer to ensure that you make calls in the easiest way possible. Note that it is not all about making calls. You can as well receive calls with the help of the dialer. The experience gets better considering that you will not have to remove your phone from the pocket.

Heart Rate Monitor

The manufacturer of this watch understands that your health is very vital and must be regarded as such. One thing you will undoubtedly like about this watch is that it minds your health as well. It is possible to keep close monitoring on the manner that your heart is beating and detect possible complications beforehand. This is certainly the most important feature that this watch has considering that health comes before anything else.

Sleep Monitor

Well, sleep is equally important as your general health and that is why you should take it seriously. S3 Smartwatch Phone comes with a sleep monitor to ensure that you keep a close track on how healthy your sleep is.


N0.1 S3 Smartwatch PhoneThis is another enhancing factor that comes with this smartwatch. You can synchronize your phone with the smartwatch and view all your contacts from there. This means that you will not have to manually transfer a phone number to the smartwatch since you have the phonebook feature at your disposal.

Anti Lost Alarm

It is just incredible that this watch can be easily found when lost. The smart watch is designed in a manner that your phone can seek it to any location with the help of the anti-lost alarm. The same can be done when your smartphone is lost.

Leather Strap

You must know that some watch straps can easily cause allergy. This is something that you should not worry about when using this smartwatch. It comes with natural pure leather. This is one of the most recommended materials when it comes to making watchstraps. It is very safe for you.

Water Resistant

It is just incredible that you can walk in any wet condition with this watch without ruining its functionality. The watch is made using a water resistant material. You can even go swimming with it and still enjoy its operation. It is never easy to find such a watch.

Price & Availaility

NO.1 S3 Smartwatch Phone is availble in black colour from and cost just $59.99 from Gearbest.com. Want $1 discount? use the coupon code “GBNOS” without quote during checkout.

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