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New BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Spotted Running Android


BlackBerrys-new-Passport-Silver-Edition-spotted-running-AndroidThe option of BlackBerry releasing a smartphone that runs Android is one idea that interest many people, and in the the run-up to the all new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, it was believed that Canadian phone maker might take the step. It wasn’t to be on this occasion, with the redefined smartphone featuring the more predicatable BB10 software but a new video has revealed a tantalising peek at what might have been.

According to reports, BlackBerry’s first android smartphone might be available in the market soon. But to many out there, the BlackBerry Passport would be feasibly if it comes with more universal android software as opposed to BlackBerry 10 and it would be possible to install some Android apps on the smartphone, the user experience is very different to what you’d get with a typical ‘Droid.

According to the video below, the new Passport Silver Edition is obviously running on Android. No one is doubting the sincerity of the BlackBerrry Passport Silver Edition running on Android, but anyone who was trying to cook up a fake video may lean towards a choppy, low-res demo in order to obscure the fact that it wasn’t the real deal. At 144p, we can’t help but feel that this isn’t what it touts to be, particularly since the accompanying stills are crystal clear.

It might be just something a little more hacky, but we’re inclined to think that this Passport Silver Edition is running on Android as much as the notebook in the background is a genuine Apple MacBook.

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