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Mozilla Disables Adobe Flash On Its Browser


mozillaAdobe seems to keep its multimedia platform dope. The platform has been jam packed with many bugs and vulnerabilities throughout its history, prompting many leading websites to switch to the more secure and more advanced HTML5 for multimedia playback.

Adobe is now once again in the cross-hairs for two new vulnerabilities that have been found in its Flash plug-in which could potentially allow hackers to gain remote access to someone’s PC. Mozilla has announced that it will be disabling the flash player plugin for its browser due to the new flaws discovered by Trend Micro.

In fact, Adobe just published new bugs found last week by the Hacking Team. That bug was immediately utilized in a lot of exploit kits, though no such use of the new bugs have been found yet. The flash plugin by Adobe is indeed responsible for more security flaws than any other piece of software.

Apart from disabling the plugin in his company’s own browser, Mozilla CEO Mark Schmidt is also targeting Google for not following in his company’s footsteps. Chrome browser has flash built-in and Mozilla CEO says that Google, by not disabling the plugin is effectively putting its users at risk of being exploited. Mark Schmidt tweeted “Its day four of multiple critical Flash vulnerabilities and @googlechrome still hasn’t disabled Flash Player. wtf?”

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