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How to manage and monitor WhatsApp chats of your kids with Xnspy


Texting is presumed to be a pretty modest way of communication with anyone you want. There is no need to speak and your message is conveyed to the other user. The trend of SMS messaging became pretty popular amongst teenagers a while ago. With some innovations in technology, the costly SMS messaging way of texting was replaced with a WhatsApp messaging way of communication. All you need is internet access and you get to communicate with your friends and anyone else free of cost.

WhatsApp monitoring:

The fun and everything else related to texting is simply loved by over 700 million active users. Teenagers cover a major portion of these active users and excessive WhatsApp messaging is a serious cause of concern for parents as kids fail to give proper time to their studies when they misuse their texting habit. A simple way for parents to control this excessive texting habit is to monitor WhatsApp chats of their kids using a monitoring app Xnspy.

What is Xnspy?

Xnspy is basically a little app for any iPhone or Android phone that gets downloaded inside your child’s handset and updates you with their complete WhatsApp details. All you need to do is visit their website and subscribe for an Xnspy account. You will be provided with your personal log-in details. Now download Xnspy inside your kid’s smartphone. This app covers very less space inside your child’s phone. Once downloaded, you may visit the Xnspy website and log-in with your details to access all the data that is inside your child’s handset.

WhatsApp chats:

Monitor WhatsApp chatsof your kids using Xnspy. This app provides you with all the messages sent and received by your kids via WhatsApp along with the time and date stamps of each chat. If your kid tries and be cheeky with you by deleting this chats, you may even recover those deleted messages with the help of Xnspy.

Other facilities:

Not just WhatsApp chats, you also get complete records of all the SMS messages, Calls, Web browsing history, E-mail messages and loads of other stuffrelated to your kid’s cell phone. And you get all this for an exciting price as low as $8.33 a month. So stop delaying things any further and Monitor WhatsApp chats and other cell phone usage of your kids using this monitoring app Xnspy.

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