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Microsoft Windows 10 Is Finally Out


Edge browser-970-80Today is one of the biggest day in the history of Microsoft and its fans as the company launches its new operating system Windows 10. We have heard series of announcement from the firm’s constellation of partners as the operating system unveils through Microsoft free upgrade program.

We expect to receive announcements regarding the new desktop, laptop and tablet hardware that will run Windows 10 out of the box. Microsoft is holding Windows 10 fan events all over the world at its flagship retail stores to ring in the new software right, and we’ll be there.

Before we starts receiving updates, we have some articles you need to read to get yourself both informed and hyped for the future of Windows.

Our hub about Windows 10 is one place you should start.

Windows 10 will have 30 days to roll back or downgrade once you install it and find out that you don’t really like it and you are still doubting whether to upgrade to Windows 10 or not.

Windows 10 is now live in 190 countries as a free upgrade and it has been tested on more than 2000 devices. More than 5m users have installed and tested the new operating system alreayd and Microsoft has trained more than 100,000 retailers with tens of thousands of stores carrying Windows 10 products at launch today.

Microsoft has also finally unveiled the final ISOs of Windows 10 both in 32-bit and 64-bit format. You can find more details about how to download and install them here.

UK time Good Morning and welcome to Windows 10 day! The picture below reminded me of another one put up by Microsoft itself. The picture below, that of a ninjacat, brandishing a Windows flag and riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex robot, examplifies the quirkiness of the new Microsoft. One can bet that this sort of behaviour wouldn’t have happened under the old guard.


According to things we have seen, Windows 10 could be the next Kim Kardashian as it could break the internet and download traffic for the operating system could top 40TB per second. Windows 10 is not availabe on the US East Coast yet but Microsoft said it will let people know when it is ready.


Microsoft responds to a recent third-party test, which places its anti-virus Windows Defender solution at the bottom of the list. “The results from the latest AV comparison tests do not accurately reflect the protection that Windows has to offer or what our customers are experiencing,” Microsoft said in a statement to WinBeta, noting that Windows Defender must be examined together with solutions like Microsoft SmartScreen.

Microsoft announces that the Windows Defernder comes with the operating system, and it will be constantly update through Windows Update to keep users safe.In addition to threats against viruses, Aaron Woodman, Director at Microsoft, said that SmartScreen helps to protect users against phishing when visiting websites detected as suspicious.

Windows 10 is now live in the United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Geneva, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Vienna, and Zurich. Twitter’s Windows 10 app is now live in the Windows Store and below is the first look Windows 10 video.

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