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Microsoft first laptop, The Surface Book is Out


Software giant, Microsoft has unveiled and launched its first laptop, the Surface Book. The 13.5-inch screen notebook features the latest Intel Core processor, an Nvidia GPU display, GDDR5 memory and a 7.7mm detachable screen.

microsoft_surface_bookMicrosoft reveal and tagged the Surface Book as the fastest 13-inch laptop ever made with a 12 hours battery life capacity. The much awaited Surfacebook Book has a trackpad made of glass, a backlit keyboard and a machined magnesium body.

surface_bookThe keyboard is said to be very quiet, and the display has a good pixel density of 267 ppi.

With this device, Microsoft doesn’t compete with the iPad and Android tablet. It competes with the MacBook Pro, Lenovo laptops and more.

surface_book_2With a discrete GPU, the Surface Book is supposed to be twice as fast as the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The company is probably comparing graphics performance, which is unfair as the 13-inch MacBook Pro doesn’t have a discrete GPU.

surfacebook_screenYet, it is still impressive that the company managed to fit so much battery life in a powerful 13-inch laptop. Microsoft launched Adobe Premiere Pro and showed how fast you could edit a video on this machine.

The Surface Book weighs 1.6 pounds. If you want to take advantage of all the machine performances, you need to plug it in to the base, because that’s where the GPU is. And of course, the display is a touch screen. In other words, it’s a convertible laptop done in a good way.

Pricing & Availability:

The Surface Book starts at $1,499 and is available to pre-order on October 7. It will be available on October 26. Check the full price based specs on the screenshot below;


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