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Microsoft Finally Released New Version Of Visual Studio 2015


Visual Studio 2015Microsoft has finally released a new version of its Visual Studio alongside its .NET 4.6 latest software framework which is already available for download.

Visual Studio 2015 will be shipped in a candidate phase for a month, after which all sorts of modifications to the software will halt. Software technicians can make the most of the program development by utilizing Microsoft’s all-new software to create enhanced programs.

This software is one of the biggest development tool ever. According to Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer Division, S. Somasegar, the goal is: “to bring the productivity of Visual Studio and .NET to any developer working on any kind of application.”

The tech gaint has also given the opportunity for a numbers of download. For example, Visual Studio Community for non-enterprise users has been downloaded a total of five million times since its initial release seven months ago. Around 3.2 million developers have already registered for Visual Studio Online services. And Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s code editing software for Mac, Linux, and Windows has now been downloaded over half a million times since its release around three months back. Approximately, half of that figure has been seen from Linux and Mac users.

Somasegar mentioned Microsoft’s objective with its Visual Studio software was to create a platform with complete tools for developers to cover all areas. “When you think about Visual Studio, the core theme is that VS 2015 is a cross-platform tool set,” he said. “Developers have been asking for this and we are delivering it.”

Somasegar added that Visual Studio 2015 will allows users “to work with Linux and Windows servers as their cloud backends, and deploy to containers…It’s all about opening up Visual Studio, broadening access and giving you the choice of what you want to do and what platform to target,” he said.

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