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How to Manually Backup Your Apple’s Devices to iCloud


iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service for it device users like iPone, iPad, iPod, iWatch e.t.c. Apple’s iCloud allows its users to store any data like music, videos, photos, documents and other important data to cloud servers so that users can download and access them just in case if their iOS device is stolen or lost.

Apples-iCloud-storageNowadays every iOS device is coming with the integration of iCloud service. So, now you can create back up of your iOS device and store your things on iCloud servers automatically. However, if you are worried about your iOS device then you can also backup your iPhone, iPad, iWatch and iPod Touch device manually. This brief tutorial reveals the trick on how you can easily create manual backup of your data and document from either your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or iWatch device. So, without wasting much of your valuable time, let’s get started with our tutorial.

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So, if you want to backup your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device to iCloud storage manually then follow the below given steps.

  • First of all, open up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device.
  • Then, go to your phone’s home screen and then tap on the Settings button.
  • Now, in Settings menu, tap on the iCloud option.
  • After that, in the iCloud settings menu, scroll down and tap on the Storage & Backup option.
  • Then, in the Backup section, tap on iCloud Backup on/off switch button to enable it. Or if the iCloud Backup is disabled then after enabling it, first you have to create your iOS device backup and it may take some time depending on your files and data.
  • Now, just tap on the Back Up Now button to create backup of your iOS device manually.
  • That’s it! You are done! Now, you have successfully backup your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device to iCloud manually.

Hope you can now see how tricky but simple & easy way to backup your data from Apple’s devices to iCloud. Feel free sharing and tweeting this article with your friends, also don’t hesitate to drop your comment below if you have any question or info to add.

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