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How to Start Making Money on Jumia as a Sales Merchant


Jumia Nigeria no doubt remains Nigeria’s N0.1 online e-commerce community, selling different range of products and services with warranty on gadgets sold on their store.

Jumia Nigeria which is currently operating from the domain jumia.com.ng gives and offers an amazing opportunity to industrious and willing Nigerians who are ready to use their website platform to sell their goods and services, thereby making money.

make-money-on-jumiaNote: This is not affiliate marketing program of Jumia but a standard business whereby Jumia gives you the opportunity to sell your products from their highly traffic and converting website. You will be created an online store for you which only you will own and have exclusive access to it.You can begin listing and selling on your products on your store on Jumia after your application has been fully approved and your store setup.

The Jumia Sales merchant program has been around for a while but it seems majority of entrepreneur started using the platform effectively this year.

How the Jumia Sales Merchant Program Works

1. Join or register for the merchant application via the official link on Jumia

2. Provide necessary info required to get your application approved and your store created.

3. List and set price for as many products as you have ready in stock. You control your price.

4. You pick & pack your orders within 24 hours or you got ordering to any Jumia customer center. They (Jumia) organise shipping and taking payments for you.

5. Aside their normal minimal commission fee for any sold items, Jumia never charge any additional fee like; No Listing fees,no maintenance fees, just standard commissions, and fixed shipping fees.

Tips to Get Your Account Approved Fast by Jumia;

Little tips but matters that can be of help in getting your merchant account approved with a single application listed below;

  • Make sure you feel all field in the registration form on their website.
  • Print and filled the agreement form sent to you by one of Jumia rep and scan back to the specified email
  • Try call any of their official who might likely be your account manager as you grow. If you don’t know any number to call, call their official line and immediately press 2 at the voice prompt so you can be link to the merchant help center. Narrate you issue with the rep and try convince you have passion for doing this. She created your store with the info you already imputed on their website

Why Selling on Jumia: So many and numerouss advantages in queue and awaiting all Jumia merchants who are ready to do the job like;

  • Biggest and largest e-commerce website in Nigeria.
  • Over 1.3 millons fans on facebook
  • Over 800,000 email subscribers prospects
  • Over 4,500,000+ monthly visits to Jumia.com.ng

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