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Things You Should Know About Li-Fi Technology


While the whole world is under rapid evolution, much of it tends to point towards the Internet. The largest percentage of evolution is mainly based on the Internet. It is through the Internet that so much have been achieved in the globe. It is through the Internet that the world has turned into a Global Village. Amazing! Now, it seems that evolution with regard to the Internet is nowhere close to the end. Just a while back, it was all about Wi-Fi. Today, Li-Fi has come.

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Li-Fi Technology

Evidently, there is a lot that Li-Fi has that Wi-Fi can hardly offer. After all, The former is an advancement of the latter. You might want to know a number of things that Li-Fi has. Of course there is a lot you might not have known about the technology.

Here are important things about Li-Fi that you should know:

The Speed Is Just Insane

If you thought that your Wi-Fi is fast, think again. You simply thought wrong since Li-Fi is far much faster. Now, did you know that Li-Fi can hit speeds of up to 224 GB per second. A number of years ago, such speed was just thought of as a dream. Guess what…the speed is here and very practical. Imagine browsing at such speed. The experience is just unimaginable.

It Has Been Successfully Tried

If you thought that Li-Fi is just a thought, again you are wrong. The technology has been tried and tested and positive results registered. Tallinn and Estonia are a perfect example of where Li-Fi has been tried and confirmed.

It Is Never Easy To Hack

Yay! Great news at last! You might be one of those people who live with lousy neighbors. Maybe your Wi-Fi has long been hacked. You could be offering involuntary help to your neighbor without knowing. It feels really bad when you realize that your Wi-Fi has been in use under an unauthorized party. Li-Fi is here with the best news ever. Did you know that only those with Direct Purview of Light Gadgets can use the network. This simply means that you will be spared the hacking menaces. Just incredible!

You Need A Microchip and A Bulb

One thing you should first know is that Li-Fi uses light as a medium is transmission. This only tells you that a light source will be required. However, this is not enough. A microchip will also be required. For the network to be created and accessed, you will require inserting a microchip into the bulb.

It Has A Much Stronger Bandwith

You might be asking yourself if the bandwith that Li-Fi offers is stronger or on the lower side. The answer to that is that the Bandwith that Li-Fi offers is stronger by far. It is simply interesting to know that we are talking of a bandwith that is 10,000 times more than that of normal radio waves. Any person can boldly confirm that the strength of Li-Fi is just insane.


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