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LG Set To Release Its “Super Premium Smartphone” Soon


LGLG set to launch its latest mobile phone in few months. According to source, the comapny currently ranks fifth in the global smartphone market. For LG to take ever, they must release its-all new flagship device soon, so that it can meet up with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6s.

Presently, Samsung is the nunmber one is the global smartphone market. LG is kinda desperate to build a device that has some of the best specs ever in order to take over devices like the Apple iPhone 6s.

According to reports, the Korean smartphone gaint previously planned to release its “super premium phone” in Octorber, but now LG is set to release the smartphone as soon as possible.

LG wishes to reveal the device when the smartphone is also ready for shipping. According to Business Korea’s sources, LG’s forthcoming handset could come in a newer version of the LG G5.

LG Mobile’s CEO Juno Cho said in March the company will reveal a smartphone that “stands before the G series,” one month later the G4 was launched in Korea, with optional leather casing, and great hardware specs. Still, somehow the LG G4 was not successful enough to compete with Samsung’s glass, and metal S6 Edge.

However, the Korean company is likely to have found a substitution for its G4 smartphone, which they will be announcing soon with all-new device. Additionally, with Samsung Note 5 expected to launch in the near future, LG’s decision to push the release of its latest smartphone seems totally justified.

LG will be announcing its latest smartphone officially very soon.

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