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Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro: World’s Most Adaptable PC


Lenovo has introduced some of the best Laptop Tablet Hybrid’s, and it even got better when they launched the new beautiful Yoga 3 Pro.
Lenovo Yoga 3 ProThey have set such an high standard in terms of Laptop’s that almost every PC maker is copying them.
Also not forgetting the new one also shares the same features as the previous one with 360 degree foldable shape and attractive matte finishes.

Yoga Pro 3 also got slim down to 0.5 inch, weighing 2.6 pounds as compared with the previous one (Yoga Pro 2) which was 0.5 inch in size, weighing 3 pounds. It simply beats down Apple’s MacBook Air which is 0.68 inch thin, weighing 2.9 pounds.

Some of it benchmarks below:-
1) The new display : Yoga 3’s 13.3 inch touch sensitive QuadHD display provides pictures with vibrant colors and is significantly brighter in all aspects. The display seems to do is job in all positions of bending i.e. Laptop mode, Tablet mode, Stand mode, Tent modes. This display will never disappoint you in 4K viewing of any video.

2) The Multi-mode bend : One of the best features of any laptop is its ability to fold in different positions. While Yoga 3 has the ability to bend in different modes i.e. Laptop mode, Tablet mode, Stand mode, Tent mode like its ancestors.
It can bend back and front 360 degrees. Lenovo also adds and Harmony feature to make the most of different modes. This feature suggests appropriate applications when and individual switches in different modes. For example if you set in Stand mode position you get a Windows 8 style notification.

3) Audio : The new JBL speakers provide great pleasant sound enough to groove in. It also has a preloaded MaxxAudio Software to tune the sound automatically.

4) Keyboard and Touchpad : If you need comfortable typing experience, the Yoga Pro 3 has introduced soft touch rubberized material for the keys to fulfill your requirement. It has a keyboard which is decently well spaced with rounded shapes therefore avoiding adjacent letter errors.
However the 3.6 x 2.4 inch buttonless touchpad allows accurate navigation across the desktop and also never disappoints in terms of long distance movements.
The best gestures executed by the Touchpad :
— Swipe from right for charms
— Swipe from left to change Apps
— Three finger swipe
— Pinch to zoom

5) Graphic Performance :
— With Intel’s Core M Processor is has better performance compared to previous Atom chip.
— The Processor has lower power consumption.
— The main advantage is the less heat generation than it’s core (i3, i5, or i7).
— The 256GB SSD allows boots in merely six seconds.
— Capable of displaying 4K videos with extraordinary picture quality.

Here are some of the specifications :-
1) 1.1-GHz Intel Core M 5Y70 which allows 8 seconds Boot Start Up.
2) 8 GB Ram.
3) Operating System
4) Hard Drive Size : 256 GB
5) Display Size : 13.3
6) Graphic Card : Intel HD Graphics 5300
7) WiFi, Bluetooth available.
8) Touchpad size : 3.5 x 2.5 inces.
9) Size : 13 x 9 x 0.5 inches
10) Weight : 2.6 pounds.

In as much we listed it stunning features, we won’t denied a little setback the all beautiful Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro has failed compare to it competitors, again it might be a thing of choice to other users.
1) Battery life is short ( Approximately 6.3 hours with WiFi connected ) which is almost nothing if you see MacBook Air’s whooping 12 hours battery life.
2) Keyboard is shallow which makes it uncomfortable for some people to type on.,

Overall this device is incredibly a thin and easy to carry laptop tablet which can bend in 4 different modes. It has an awesome display, beautiful and tough chasis, touchpad, gestures, and many more features a laptop requires.
If you are OK with the battery withstand then you can go for this one because, the only drawback is it’s battery life !!!

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