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JiJi.ng Introduced Verified Status for Sellers


Shopping online can be the best experience ever yet the most dangerous. Why? You are bound to come across a great number of clients, some of whom may be ill motivated. Innumerable cases have been reported where people are duped after meeting with clients face to face, following an online transaction. This is something I believe you would not want to experience. JiJi.ng has realized the importance of dealing with verified clients only and that is why they have a new feature in their site.

jiji_ng_verified_sellerAny person looking for something to buy at JiJi.ng will have the privilege of studying the respective client’s status hence ascertaining if they are verified or not. This is certainly a very great move by JiJi.ng. It seems that the bad experiences that buyers face will gradually disappear and be replaced with utmost safety.

So, which are some of the things that you will love about the Verified Status feature at JiJi.ng?

Comprehensive Yet Easy To Understand

The very first thing that makes this feature a great one is its complexity and ease to use. It sounds really great when something is said to be complex (meaning that it is very stable) yet easy to use (meaning that users will not have trouble with the feature). This is something that any person will operate with in a friendly manner.

Very Reliable

One thing you should know is that all the information that you find in this feature is true and fully founded. By this I mean that you will be very safe from fraud.

To begin with, you will be able to know the performance of a particular client based on the positive feedback he has received from other buyers before. This is rated in terms of percentage.

Secondly, you (the buyer) will know the number of times that a particular seller has agreed to meet with clients. Note that meeting with clients is an indication that the seller does not have anything to hide.

Thirdly, You will be able to know if the seller is online of not. That way, you will know the most appropriate time to chat with the client.

Available on All Products

The feature is available on all products that are on JiJi.ng. This simply means that you will be able to know the details of the seller irrespective of the product that you are buying. The Verified Status is available on all products as a way of avoiding biasness and ensuring utmost safety for buyers.

Available Contact Details

No one can dispute that the contact details of the seller is the most important of all. After all, how will you even meet if you do not have an avenue of contacting each other? Now, the Verified Status Feature of JiJi.ng provides you with all the contact details of a particular seller. This includes even the private cellphone number and email. You can therefore reach the seller at your own convenience. This is certainly a great feature.

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