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Iradish Y6 Smart Watch Phone


So, you are a die-hard fanatic of Apple Smart Watch but with no money to get it? Well, not to worry! There is an ideal alternative for you. Iradish Y6 is the alternative that you should be in search for. With it, you feel just like one of those in the Smart Watch world. One thing for sure is that there are a lot of benefits that you are bound to enjoy from this Smart Watch.

iradish Y6 Smart Watch PhoneTo begin with, Iradish Y6 Smart Watch is in circulation already. All you need is to order for yours and get it in no time. It is definitely the kind of Smart Watch that you require.

Let’s see what kind of features that you should expect from this awesome watch:

Color Variety

No one can judge you for being color-selective and this is one of the reasons why Iradish Y6 Smart Watch manufacturer provides you with a variety. One thing for sure is that colors featured by these watches are an absolute complement to your elegance. You can opt for black, gold, or silver. It all depends on your preference and taste.

Strong battery

Another very appealing thing about Iradish Y6 Smart Watch is the battery power it has. If you fear frustrations that may come with short battery life, then Iradish Y6 Smart Watch is what you need. With a 350 mAh battery, you are assured of full power backup all day long. The battery is not only reliable, but of quality as well. It will take you a long time before you consider replacing it.

Crystal Clear Display

If you must know, one of the principal complements on smart watches is the kind of display they offer. A smart watch that does not have clear display does not qualify to be termed so. Iradish Y6 Smart Watch qualifies in all aspects. It features high resolution of 240×240 pixels. Any person can admit that this is indeed a very strong resolution, hence a clear display.

Large Screen

Iradish Y6 is not the kind of smart watch that will make you strain when viewing graphics. Why, it comes with a considerably large screen. With a 1.54-inch screen, it will be easy to embark on your operations since all graphics are very clear. The sensitivity of the screen is also top-notch. This is an added feature of convenience with regard to operation.

Bluetooth 3.0

Any person who has ever dealt with Bluetooth 3.0 can boldly confirm its capacity and power. Interestingly, Iradish Y6 Smart Watch Phone comes with this feature. Synchronization between your smart phone and the watch is very efficient, fast and flawless. Transfer of files from another device to your Iradish Y6 and vice versa is just incredible.


Another interesting thing about Iradish Y6 Smart Watch is that it is fully compatible with Android Smart Phones. The Android experience has never been this better, now that you can link up your phone with the mighty Iradish Y6 Smart Phone Watch.

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