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Get the Power to do More with ipNX 3 in 1 Fibre Optic (FoS) Package


ipNX remains the best and only functional fire optic internet provider in Nigeria for now; providing fast and reliable internet services through fibre medium, that is not limited or obstructed by rain or wave which is usually a common hitch to wireless providers.

The ipNX FoS is a kind of 3 in 1 package that delivers Internet, Telephony, TV Video Surveillance amongst other services to homes and businesses via fibre-optic technology at the speed of light. With this package, customers tends to enjoy a fibre broadband internet access, internet telephony and HD videos via Smart TV.

ipnx-fos-packageipNX FoS is the best choice for anyone who wants the fastest and most reliable platform for ICT services at home and in the office for business and lifestyle needs.

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Advantages of ipNX Fibre Optic Internet Solution

  1. Guaranteed download speed of at least 20Mbps
  2. Not disturb by rain or any weather condition
  3. Free Access to over 100 TV channels
  4. Free and Cheap internet telephone calls
  5. Free online gaming

Disadvantages or Setback

  1. Limited reach as they cover small locations
  2. Road construction work can lead to damage of their optic cable which might not get resolved fast
  3. The Need of additional indoor modem which uses external power and cost extra fee

Coverage Location: For now, ipNX FoS fibre optic internet is currently available within selected cities in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja. Meanwhile plans are on-going for expansions to various strategic locations within Nigeria.

  • Ikoyi
  • Victoria Island
  • Lagos Island
  • Lekki
  • Ikeja
  • Surulere
  • Apapa
  • Specific locations in Abuja & Port Harcourt

Main Highlights of the ipNX FoS Package

Internet: ipNX Fibre Broadband delivers reliable, high-speed, broadband internet that is always-on (24×7). You can now make video conference calls, download large files in seconds and stream video clips from the internet without buffering. It guarantees the fastest internet speeds available in Nigeria today.

TV: ipNX TV offers a wide selection of Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) channels covering different genres such as news, movies, music, sports, documentaries, lifestyle and general entertainment. With on-demand, catch-up and multi-screen features, customers can now watch what they want, when they want and with any device (e.g. TV, PC, laptop, tablet) of their choice. This service is currently in the trial phase and can be viewed at www.ipnxmediahub.tv. This service currently available to FOS customers only.

Phone: ipNX Telephony provides a reliable landline telephone service with crystal-clear voice calls at very competitive rates both for local and international calls. You also enjoy free calls to any number on the ipNX Telephony network.

Surveillance: ipNX Video Surveillance is a solution that allows you store video recorded from your CCTV cameras online, which you can view over the internet from anywhere in the world. It enables you access your video archives from a few days up to a year (or even more), enhancing your security at home and in the office.

Need more info to get started with the ipNX fire optic internet solution? Visit their website www.ipnxnigeria.net or call / email their customer support via 01 6280026 – 28, Email: csupport@ipnxnigeria.net.


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