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iPhone 7 to comes with Wireless Charging features ?


iphone-7-wireless-chargingWireless charging facility with iPhone 7? Oh yes even though the rumours seems to be gaining ground, we can’t authoritative report that now, not until Sept 2015 or there about when the next model of iPhone, speculated to be iPhone 7 will be released.

Each time iPhone releases a new product, it is guaranteed to have a huge following. The iphone 7 contains a lot of excitement especially for consumers who are always looking for the next big thing. We have also gathered a number of other speculations the next iPhone 7 will features. Check them all below

The iPhone 7will have so much expectation, this is due to the fact that the technological advancements every year is massive. This means, that the iPhone 7 is expected to have a breakthrough technology that can defeat every competitor the Apple has in the market.

Some of the rumor that is circulating is the idea that the new iPhone 7 will contain a sapphire glass display; it is believed that Foxconn is planning to release $2.6 billion on Sapphires and the next generation of iPhones will contain Sapphire as a material for the iPhone display.

It is also speculated upon, that Apple might do away with the traditional naming of their phones and might explore another name for the iPhone7.

They could drop the S in the naming convention and use C instead, it is with the belief that many are viewing the letter S negatively and in order to improve the image of the product they will use C instead.

Other informants are also claiming that the brand new iPhone product will be called iPhone Air. The brand new product is also believed to be released on September 2015 even though the iPhone 6 has just been released.

This is due to the fact that Apple wants to retain the ability to produce brand new phones ,a feat that other companies would have a hard time doing.

But if this is going to be true, then consumers are set to expect fewer changes on the phone itself as well as the updates.

Other rumors are stating that the new Apple product might have a 4-inch smartphone release and will just release larger phones for other product items that they already have.

The iPhone 6 that has just been released has 5.5 inches, and it has received good reviews, because of this Apple might retain the size, the 4.7 inches is just a bit old fashioned and is no longer receiving great reviews among Apple fans.

Apple fans are expecting upgrades like wireless charging features, they thought this will arrive through the iPhone 6, clients are hoping for more advancement for the latest Apple product. Fans also believe that the brand new phones will also be slimmer, lighter and would have a rounder design.

It is also most likely that the iPhone 7 will come with a faster A0 processor, and will also come with an M9 co-processor. It could even include improvements with the camera specs, and will have a much longer battery life.

Apple might even include a sidewall display, and could be offering more screen space; they might even include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor that will be placed beneath the Home button. The ID fingerprint sensor might be built in with the entire display, which means the need for the Home button will be eliminated, making a wider room for the screen space.

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