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Leaked iPhone 7 Rumours and Its Expected Specification


Apple recently released it two flagship devices namely iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus this year. Apple showed its craze for Phablet size phones through the huge 5.5 inch screen in iPhone 6 plus. Never the less, it is said that iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus may have a more bigger screen than the previous one.
With these two launches Apple is ready & prepared for the next year’s ever-growing world-wide market:

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The following are some of the changes in the new iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus :- (rumors)

Iphone-7-features1) iPhone 7 may have a 4.9 inch display in size. ( As apple has witnessed the craze of Phablet size phones through iPhone 6 Plus)

2) Samsung has already introduced curved display’s in TV’s, but now apple may introduce some in the new phones to provide user’s with more surface area.

3) The new display may be a Sapphire Glass Display. ( As Apple is willing to spend $2.6bn on a Sapphire plant somewhere near Taiwan )
And also Apple is already using Sapphire glass in iPhone Air.

4) Design may almost be the same as iPhone 6, because Apple usually keeps the same design for almost two generations of iPhone )
And if Apple decides to go away from the usual design, then we may expect a more thinner one than the previous one.

5) Apple may introduce displays that extend onto the size of the devices which not only provide touch sensitive portions or interactive portions but can also provide following functionality :-
— Access to slide to unlock.
— Music Player.
— Caller ID.
— Message readout.
— Systems control.

6) Mainly because of the bend issues in the previous one, Apple may introduce different materials for the new body. Liquidmetal for the chassis is probably the most rumored thing to use. As it is more durable than Aluminium.

7) It may also have a 3D display, and it is rumored that Apple has already started working on “Naked eye 3D display” which will allow users to see 3D without glasses.

8) Camera has always been a benchmark for all the phones launched by Apple, and therefore with new phone we may experience a significant improvement in the camera, & who knows it may be the best camera, Apple has ever introduced. It is rumored to have a 2 lens camera, which is capable of capturing DSLR quality pictures.

9) The A9 processor is surely the best one in market, but the new chips in iPhone 7 are expected to be smaller, efficient and more powerful.

10) The USB lightning cable introduced this year, may be available in the new iPhone 7, through which we can insert the USB cable of the charger in both upward and downward directions.
The design of the charging point may remain the same for the iPhone.

11) Face recognition could to be added to unlock the device, which may eliminate the use of Home button and make room for larger display.

If iPhone sticks to its tradition then we may expect it’s launch during mid September. Apple will keep on releasing new 2 phones in a year to cope up with the improving competition. So you can expect a launch in Spring followed by the another one in Autumn next year.

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