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5 Things We’d Love to See on the next iPhone 7


As iPhone 7 rumors continue to fly in thick and fast, Apples fans all over the world are left in a dream-like reverie, as they try to wrap their heads around the next Apple flagship. Will it break all pre-order records like the iPhone 6? Or fail to outstrip it on innovative technology and beauty?

iphone-7-lookAs people continue to rack their brains on how the iPhone 7 will look like, ardent fans have a wish-list they’d like Tim-crook or anyone inside the circle to have a look.

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1. Wireless Charging

At such a time when smartphones are getting thinner and their screens more curvy, we still have to use long-wired chargers to juice up our batteries. Although the iPhone 6 already flaunts the Wireless Qi Charger, which relies on induction to charge, we would be more thrilled if Apple engineers gave us something more advanced. We don’t need to hang around the power grid while charging the next iPhone. If Apple can afford to come up with a wireless charging that somehow works like the WiFi hotspot, there won’t be any need to carry our chargers everywhere we go.

2. 100 Percent Waterproof

Accidental droppings and water are reportedly the number one health hazards for iPhones. So, I guess we could all use this feature on the iPhone 7. Again, we could do with a more advanced remote wiping solution on the next iPhone than what we get through FindMyiPhone. An overload signal that blocks anyone from accessing the phone other than the real owner is another item on the wish-list, especially at such a time when iPhone theft cases are on the ramp up.

3. Retina Tracking

If only Apple could pull this off! Imagine unlocking your iPhone using your retina. You just take a gaze at the screen then, bam; your iPhone 7 is fully unlocked and ready for use! No passwords; nor drawing of patterns.

Android users know how it feels. So we expect Apple to roll up their sleeves and add a hands-free, geeky approach to their unlock mode. This somehow appears unlikely, but then again patients with ice-bucket and ASL disease have already adopted the technology. Apple just needs to commercialize it a little bit.

4. Scratch-proof casing

Aluminum is lightweight and looks fine on iPhones. But it’s definitely not the best material out there for phones. For one, it’s so vulnerable to scratches, in light of which iPhone users have to cover their phones using phone cases, thus ruining Jony Ive’s exquisite design.

If Apple can afford to use a harder material on their next flag bearer, then we won’t have to fret about our iPhone 7 getting scratched whenever we throw it into our coat pocket or bag. Another reason why Apple needs to come up with a different casing other than the aluminum one is because it’s slippery. We’d love to hold our iPhone 7 without worrying about slip ups.

5. Smaller Screen

People complained about the iPhone 5 having a smaller screen, until Apple released the iPhone 6, which turned out to be a bit unwieldy for those with tiny hands. Admittedly, a larger iPhone looks fine, but a smaller iPhone would look even better.

Going curvy might be the newest wrinkle, but that’s a trend we would express Apple to turn a blind eye on. Speaking of which, a 4-inch, straight-screened iPhone 7 would be a dream come true for many ardent iPhone fans.

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