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iPhone 6s to come with 12MP Camera with other Specs


An authoritative source has confirmed the rumoured iphone 6s is on it way and is likely to feature a high mega pixel camera of 12MP unline the 8MB in iPhone 6.

iphone-6Apple has gathered plenty of criticism for its choice to stick with the same 8MP main camera for generations on end, high-quality as it may be. Well, apparently, the 8MP shooter will finally be retired, as we already

The iPhone 6s/6s Plus, due this fall, will likely come with a 12MP sensor, and confirmation on the matter comes from an IHS Technology senior executive. However, the individual pixel size will be smaller, the source claims.

The most obvious logic behind the decision would be to keep the overall sensor size unchanged, and consequently use the same optics, or at least minimize the necessary alterations. With so many factors affecting image quality though, we won’t delve into the argument of megapixels versus pixel size.

Apple has so far strayed from the megapixel race, or any spec race, for that matter, but there’s purely practical reasoning behind a larger resolution sensor and that’s 2160p video recording. With every major flagship now supporting it, Apple can’t stay out much longer. And even if you argue, that you don’t need such high-res videos now, future-proofing your memories could never hurt.

Either way there’s still plenty of time before the next iPhone comes to life, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on its development.

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