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Apple Launches iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, new Apple TV and iPad Pro at #AppleEvent


Though it was initially suppose to be all about the iPhone 6S which has drew most of the attention and media buzz for the past few weeks but surprisingly other Apple device launched at the Apple Event held some hours ago in San Francisco saw a huge attention towards iPad Pro, Apple’s new TV and more exciting and anticipation for others yet to launch.

The iPhone 6S was the major headline but Apple TV and iPad Pro gathers lot of attention and attraction likewise.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Just as we expected, Apple announced the next versions of its best-selling smartphones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, at its annual launch event in San Francisco. Also as we expected, the iPhone 6S looks identical to last year’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6, reserving its most important changes for the hardware interior.

iphone_6STrue, there is a new color now, called rose gold (it basically looks like a blush pink, same as the newApple Watch color option that the company announced). But as far as looks go, this extra shade is the extent of the the changes you’ll be able to visually detect between this year’s and last year’s phones.

Apple’s emphasis on hardware upgrades over design development follows the pattern that the Cupertino-based company has long established: significant changes come in the even years and incremental updates in the odd. It’s a move that could alienate buyers as much cheaper “premium” handsets compete with titans like Apple for marketshare.


iPhone 6S keeps the exterior of its predecessor, but features all new internals and some nice new extras. Those include a new processor, updated cameras at the front and back, and a pressure sensitive 3D Touch display.

3D Touch

In addition to multitouch, the new iPhone 6s recognizes force. It works on the homescreen and gives you shortcuts on the stuff you do frequently. Pressing lightly on an email thread, gives you a preview of the message, for example.

It also provides distinct and tactile feedback to your presses. Under the display, there’s a vibrating “Taptic engine”, which is similar to the one found on the Macbook trackpad and on the Apple Watch.

Otherwise, the display is the same 4.7” Retina display found on the iPhone 6.

A9 chipset

Debuting on the iPhone 6s is the Apple A9 chipset. It’s the company’s third generation 64-bit chipset and offers up to 90% faster console-class GPU as well as up to 70% faster CPU performance, according to the company. It also offers new transistor architecture, which Apple is yet to expand upon.

The New Apple TV

The new Apple TV has a Bluetooth remote with touch and Siri debut as well

The new set top box comes with an innovative remote that has a glass touch surface on the top, which lets you glide across lists, hopefully making the task of navigating the interface easier than it’s been before. Touch interaction is also employed when you want to skip ahead in a movie or TV show you’re watching.

apple_tvThe remote comes with Siri built-in too, and you can talk to her and ask her things with a dedicated button. If you’re looking for something to watch, Siri searches through iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime. You’re also able to ask Siri stuff while you’re watching something, including things related to the content you’re seeing such as “Who stars in this?”. In these cases, Siri will answer in the lower part of the TV interface, so as not to disturb your viewing. Commands like “Siri, skip ahead 5 minutes” work too.

Apple Music is now a feature in Apple TV, and there’s an app store for access to even more stuff. You have access to your photos, and new high-res video screensavers are included.

Games are a big part of the new Apple TV platform, and the new remote acts as a gamepad when needed. Expect to see Apple TV versions of a lot of popular iOS games soon, as well as some exclusive titles. For some reason, you’ll be able to do shopping on your Apple TV if you want to, with big images of clothes, for example, showing up on your TV. Upcoming apps will be responsible for this.

The new Apple TV has a 64-bit A8 chip. The remote works via Bluetooth 4.0 and has an accelerometer, a gyro, three-month battery life with normal use, and the Lightning port for charging.

For the 32GB version of the set top box you’ll have to pay $149, while the 64GB model will retail for $199. They will both be out in late October in over 80 countries, with 100 countries getting the new Apple TV by the end of the year. Interestingly, the existing Apple TV will still be sold for $69. Developers will get their hands on the new version of tvOS today, so they can start working on those apps.

iPad Pro

Apple announced the extra-large iPad Pro, along with an updated iPad Mini 4 and lower pricing for the rest of the iPad line-up. The new 12.9-inch tablet is as thin as the iPad Air and will house the new A9x 64-bit chip. Running on Apple’s latest software, iOS 9, the iPad Pro will work with a stylus, dubbed Apple Pencil, and a smart keyboard accessory.

The new iPad Pro is 78% bigger than the iPad Air 2 and weighing 1.57-pounds, almost the same as the original iPad and with a 6.9mm thickness. The 12.9-inch screen boasts a 2,732×2,048-pixel resolution Retina display and it’s big enough for comfortably viewing two apps side-by-side. The big tablet feels more like a laptop, though, due to its huge size, it’s not exactly meant for taking on the go.

Along with the new design comes a new processor. The iPad Pro houses an A9x chip that will purportedly perform 1.9 times faster than its smaller counterpart, with graphics performance faster than 80% of portable PCs, according to Apple. It’ll also offer about 10 hours of battery life.


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