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6 Common iOS Faults and How To Fix Them


In as much as iOS is considered one of the best, there are some common faults that you might experience at one point or the other. It is imperative to understand some of these faults and the respective fixing strategies. That way, the fun in using your Apple gadget will not be limited by any factor.

ios-faultsBelow is a list of 6 faults commonly experienced by iOS users and how to repair them:

Installation Problems

Most Apple gadget users can confirm that installation of new updates, including new iOS versions, may be characterized by faults. In most cases, installation problems occur when the gadget at hand is heavily loaded with other applications or simply exhausted from constant operation.

An easy way to fix installation problems is by rebooting your device. This is achieved by holding onto the power and home buttons while pressing them simultaneously. Upon rebooting, installation can be done flawlessly.

Wi-Fi Connection Problems

There are cases where Wi-Fi connection in your Apple device may break. This happens to be among the common problems faced by iOS users. Although there are no particular ways to remedy this problem, there are still some things that can be done to bring things to rest.

One of the best remedies in this case is disabling Internet connection in your Apple device and activating it after a moment. You can also opt to reboot your device as a way of refreshing the iOS.

Short Battery Life

Among the many faults that affect Apple iOS, short battery life happens to be the commonest. At times, negative effects on your Apple Phone battery are instigated. One of the best ways to end such a problem is replacing the phone battery. If not so, you must avoid leaving your iPhone plugged into a power source for a long time.

Cellular Data Faults

This is majorly experienced by iOS 8.2 users. The bad thing about Cellular Data faults is that they may drastically affect the reception of your gadget. To avoid such a problem with your Apple Device, you can first try restarting it. This is one of the strategies that hardly fail in solving the problem. If the strategy fails, then you should try toggling the Cellular Data function on and off. This should also work.

Bluetooth Pairing Problems

At one point or another, your Apple device may reflect some Bluetooth-related problems. This majorly happens when you are trying to pair your iOS device to another gadget that uses a different OS. There is no any particular way of solving this problem. However, resetting all your Bluetooth settings can work ideally in this case.

Storage Issues

Memory has always been seen as a prime issue among iOS users, especially those who download large applications often. This might prove limiting. Thankfully, Apple has a new app that allows you to temporarily delete some items in order to create space for your Apps. As soon as you have configured the app, you can then restore the temporarily hidden files.

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