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How using iOS 9 can fix your iPhone storage issue


One of the major challenges that iPhone users face is lack of space especially when it comes to downloading more apps. This may limit the fun that your iPhone has to offer. Needless to say, the fun in using iPhone lies in the apps that can be downloaded or rather imported. The good news is that iOS 9 will now comes with a feature that will facilitate easy fixing of storage issues. With this feature, you will enjoy the privilege of downloading applications to your phone without necessarily deleting important files. This is certainly a point of relief among iPhone users.

ios-9You might be wondering how possible it is to download as many files in your iPhone yet with space limitation. iOS 9 feature is designed in a manner that deleting is not done permanently but temporarily. This means that you are given the opportunity to first ‘hide’ some files away from your storage space temporarily as you download your apps.

Here is a how you can fix your storage issues with iOS 9 feature:

#Step 1

You will have to ensure that your iPhone has the iOS 9 feature meant for fixing storage issues. It is important to acknowledge the fact that this feature has not been there for long. In this regard, some iPhones may not have this feature. You might require updating your iPhone iOS 9 in order to get this storage feature.

You may check in the web to confirm if the updates are available for your phone or not. However, you must be very careful since not all sites may offer legitimate updates for iOS 9.

#Step 2

Once you have managed to get the respective update, it is now time to utilize it especially if you intend to add more files or apps to your iphone. In this case, iOS 9 allows you to temporarily delete some files. This is in effort to allow other new files to be incorporated into the phone.

In the case of downloads, you will receive a prompt or rather a warning that some of your files will be temporarily deleted in order to make room for the downloads. The prompt goes ahead to confirm that the temporarily deleted files will automatically be restored into the system as soon as the updates have been done.

Touch on ‘allow App Deletion’ function in order to allow the temporary deletion. If you would not want to temporarily erase your files, then you can touch on the ‘cancel’ option.

#Step 3

Upon completion of the downloading process, you should then allow the necessary updates to be made. Some of the applications may require you to command the updating process while others will automatically go through. This depends on the kind of application that you have downloaded for your iPhone.

Note: It is important to note that you will follow a similar process when adding files that are not necessarily downloaded. You can then restore the hidden ones after you are done with the updates.

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