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Infinix Zero 3 (X552) with Higher Specs #HERO3LOGY to Launch Dec 15th, 2015


After the recently launched Infinix Note 2 which is still scarcely available, the trending smartphone company, Infinix has tipped tech bloggers of their next upgrade to their flagship device, the Zero series with the incoming Infinix Zero 3.

We do not have much information yet, but according to rumors found on XCLUB forum, Infinix Mobility is preparing a flagship smartphone with high specifications.

The campaign teaser captioned with the hashtag #HERO3LOGY is most likely to be Infinix Zero 3 (X552) which was reported to come with higher specs than it predecessor, Zero 2, most especially in the area of CPU, RAM memory, Camera and a better battery improvement over the Zero 2.

infinix-zero-3Does “HERO” sound familiar to you –THENEXTHERO, and ZERO2HERO? Usually used to tease its zero series, Infinix Mobility seems to release a new HERO device before the end of the year. Now the question is what Nigerians are going to expect for the #HERO3LOGY device?

A leaked panel photo of the next Infinix (Zero 3) with higher camera below;X552 pictures leak

Dec. 15th, 2015 has been set and scheduled for the launch of the next infinix zero series which with more expectation should be the Zero 3.

A snapshot of the Antutu Benchmark revealed some specs expectation below;

X552 zero3 antutu

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