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Infinix Hot 3 Is Coming: Check Out Expected Specs and Features


For Infinix lovers, there is yet another great news for you. The Infinix Hot 3 is on the way, and this should come to you as a great advantage. If you have had an experience with the existing models of Infinix Hot series, then you simply can speculate what Hot 3 has in store for you. Well, I am double sure that there is everything to like about Infinix Hot 3.

Infinix-hot-3The news about the new Infinix Hot 3 first peeped into the market through a teaser via Infinix’s Facebook and Twitter page. This alone was enough to trigger curiosity among the fans of Infinix. Well, from reliable sources, it has been confirmed that Infinix Hot 3 is indeed on the way and a lot should be expected from it performance-wise.

So, what will be so special about Infinix Hot 3:

Front Flash

How does it feel to take a selfie with a camera that has a front flash? It feels great, right? Of course! This is for the simple fact that clarity is assured in your selfies even at night. Gone will be the days when you could wait for dawn in order to take selfies with your family and friends. The Infinix community is about to take a new direction with a powerful flash for the front camera.

High Resolution Front Camera

This is an added enhancement feature for selfies. Well, the experience gets even better with the high-resolution front camera. With this, it simply means that you will get clearer front snapshots. With the addition of a flash in the front camera, then you have nothing to worry about.

New Look

If you thought that your Infinix has a great appearance, then you have another thing coming. Why? Infinix Hot 3 comes with better and more attractive appearance than the predecessors. Arguably, the smartphone will be even better than the leading brands in the market in terms of looks. You should therefore be ready to impress your friends with this new release of Infinix.

Improved OS

You heard me right. Android Operating System keeps growing and this is what you should expect from the speculated release of Infinix Hot 3. It is believed that major improvements will be seen in the Infinix Hot 3. More applications should be expected and therefore your experience will be better. Response speed is something that Infinix Company has been working to improve and this will be evident in Infinix Hot 3.

Battery Life

So far, Infinix has not been so disappointing in terms of battery life. This is something that is not going down soon. Arguably, the battery that will come with Infinix Hot 3 will be far more powerful than the previous one. You will have hours of operating the smartphone without recharging it. This you must agree is a prime improvement in the smartphone world.

Bigger and More Sensitive Screen

For a while now, there has been complains that the sensitivity of Infinix phones is a little on the lower side. However, this is about to come to an end after the launch of Infinix Hot 3. It is believed that the phone will come with a larger and more sensitive screen hence spicing up your experience.


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