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How to Increase Default Opencart Image Upload Size


I was  working on a client ecommerce website and i decides to make use of opencart which has always been my favorite content management system (CMS) when it comes to setting up an online ecommerce store based on it robust features, simplicity and lite weight.

I got stucked  getting to upload an image with file size of 1 megabyte since the default maximum upload size for images via the opencart admin dashboard is 300KB.

A quick search on the opencart forum solve the issue and i have decided to write it out here for you guyz. A step by step guide below.

Log on to your opencart webstore root directory via your cpanel, FTP or whichever way you accesses your public_html folder.

Under your public_html folder, expand and click on the “admin” folder >> controller >> controller >> catalogue >> common.


Right click to edit on the filemanager.php file


Locate file size variable



Increases the number and hit on save, that is all.




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