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Tips to Increase Your Local Network Bandwidth Speed


A network bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted on the network at a particular time. For example, a 10Base2 network has a bandwidth of 10Mbps. If a network is perceived to be slow, increasing the bandwidth can improve its speed. That is, the more data that can be exchange at once, the faster the transmissions that will be delivered from beginning to end and the faster the network will run overall.

local_network_bandwidthIn many cases, one can increase the bandwidth of a local network (Local network NOT internet) by upgrading some network components and devices.

  • Upgrade Cable Types: For example, one can replace 10Mbps card with 100Mbps card, also one can upgrade the cable types like replacing CAT 3 with CAT 5, CAT6 cable to support the new speed.

The entire network will run at the speed of the hub/switch ( if one exist) or the speed of the cable, whichever is slower.

  • Network Card: (Wired or Wireless): If a single network interface card (NIC) supports a lower speed than all other network components, the overall network will not be affected except with the communication to the computer /device that uses the specific NIC. Suppose that an entire network supports 100Mbps, except for a NIC that supports only 10Mbps, all communications to or from that NIC will run at 10Mbps while communication to or from other NICs will run at 100Mbps.

Moreover base-band networks do uses one cable channel to transmit data while network technologies such as 1000BaseT can use more than one channel on a single cable, this is usually called broadband, a technology that allows transmissions of data, voice and video over one cable utilizing different channel likewise a television cable providing more than one channel.

  • Interference: Network Interference can slow down the entire network and reduces the bandwidth speed. Proper network implementation and shielding need be put in place.

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