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Huawei to produce it own mobile OS ?


Rumour circulating fast has it that Chinese tech giant, Huawei is planning to launch it own mobile OS soon. The report further has it that the OS is already in development and might likely embed and ship with Hauwei next flagship mobile phone. It was said that Huawei partnered with ZTE to developing its own (Hauwei) mobile operating system in order to reduce the dependence on Android

hauweiAnother tech source suggest that it will be a standalone operating system, which works in tact with a self-developed chip, the Kirin. In other words, the Huawei follows “If you are serious about your hardware, produce your own software” approach.

Hauwei is also working on a new smartphone that would run the said OS. This comeing at a time when Huawei is set to enter the US market. The company is also said to be chosen by Google as one of the makers of the next Nexus smartphone.

Well this rumour can only still be classified as allegation even though there are little element of truth in every rumour but time will tell when the fact comes out.

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